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Our Students

Thi Doan Thao Tran, Vietnam
I realize that I have made remarkable progress and have improved the ability to communicate in English. Lone Star-University Park has been one of my right choices when starting a new journey in a new country. The ESOL teachers are very friendly and always ready to accompany me throughout the process of learning a new language. After completing these ESOL courses, I gained the confidence and motivation to continue my learning path. These English language courses have helped me get used to a professional academic environment. Lone Star's ESOL courses provide me the necessary English knowledge and foundation for my future university courses.




Fatma B., Turkey
When I got to the US, I could not communicate with in English. But, ESOL has changed all that. The teachers were exceptional, friendly, and they taught me how to speak read and write in English. Through their help, I successfully completed the English language program in three semesters. I since learnt to communicate in English fluently. ESOL has given me an opportunity in the US.  I have since enrolled into college classes and have the confidence to interact with other professors and classmates. I am able to study efficiently, and my grades have been good. I am grateful to all the professors are ESOL lone star and teachers whose word of encouragement has been a source of inspiration to success.




Luis S., Venezuela
The ESOL program at Lone Star University Park has helped me since I arrived here. When I came, I was a timid person. However, the ESOL program was a perfect tool for me to become more confident and learn English and new cultures while making friends from all over the world. A wide range of teachers has made this possible with their hard work and passion. Now, my English level is beyond what I could imagine, and I am ready to start a major in English thanks to this outstanding program.




Thang N., Vietnam
The Lone Star College University Park ESOL program had a significant influence in my English skills. Before coming to University Park, I didnít even think that I could speak English. Now, I am confident to enter a world with full of people speaking English every day. These ESOL courses have prepared me well for my college classes. Even though I have graduated from the ESOL program, the knowledge I learned has never faded, and it helps me to improve my skills every single day. In this country, for people who want to get educated, English is the key to open the future. Letting the fear of learning a new language kill your success is a mistake, so set your goal and do it.




Zaid A., Iraq
I started taking ESOL classes at University Park because my English was not good enough to take college classes. I took the placement exam, and I started with Level 3 Grammar and Writing. Now I have finished Level 5 of the ESOL program, and I am excited to begin my college classes next semester. The best part about the ESOL classes is the way students progress through the levels. In each level, I learned many new things that have helped me build my English language skills.







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