AVANT Placement


The AVANT Placement test measures real-world language ability in reading, writing, and speaking. †The exam is not suitable for those who have never studied or had previous exposure to the particular language they are interested in. Students must take this placement exam before registering for a language class. †After successfully completing the designated placement course, students are eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit towards the prerequisite language courses. †Example: Students that place into SPAN 2311 and complete the course successfully may request credit for SPAN 1411 and 1412 through PLA.

Important to Remember

  • AVANT Placement is not suitable for those who have never studied or been exposed to the language in which they are hoping to study.
  • AVANT Placement is not designed to be taken multiple times, but only once!
  • AVANT Placement results will not be available immediately after testing; they may take up to a week to be returned to the examinee due to scoring of the testís writing/speaking sections. †Results will be e-mailed to the examinee.

Steps to Take towards Testing

  • Meet with an academic advisor to determine if the AVANT Placement test needs to be taken. Advisors are located in the Student Conference Center on the 1st floor behind the Student Services Front Desk.
  • Receive a testing referral from the advisor and pay the appropriate fee at the Cashierís Office
  • Report to the Testing Center at least two hours before its closing time with a valid (i.e. non-expired) photo ID, testing referral, and receipt as proof of payment.

Practice Test

The STAMP Sample Test provides a similar, but not identical, testing experience to that of the AVANT Placement.

Score Interpretation & Post-Test Instruction

Once results have been received, meet with an academic advisor to register for the appropriate class(es). The score reportís Total Average should be compared to the Score Interpretation Guide to understand course placement. †To better understand your score report, view the Detailed Report Key.

If you have questions about course placement, feel free to contact Modern Language faculty member Amber Williams-Lara at 281-312-1736 or amber.williams-lara@lonestar.edu.

If you have questions about or would like to request PLA credit awarding, contact Admissions Manager Sagan McClure at 281-312-1659 or sagan.mcclure@lonestar.edu.

For more information on PLA, visit www.lonestar.edu/pla.

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