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The Office of Student Life is committed to enhancing students' academic programs of study and the overall educational experience of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, and recreational activities.

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Clubs and Organizations

Below is a list of active clubs at Lone Star College-Montgomery. If your club has been omitted, yet has been approved as an official club, please contact the Office of Student Life.

Accounting Club

The goals are to promote accounting and business knowledge, and to explore the various accounting and business career fields, while providing a platform for future CPA development. 

Contact: Angela Kane-Pigg (Advisor) and Antone Fotsue (Advisor)

American British Club

ABC promotes the values of British and American political culture. These values are individual liberty and common law, applied within the framework of constitutional government.

Contact: Craig Livingston (Advisor) 

Art and Art History Club

The purpose of this organization is to expose ourselves to various art forms in a social environment; to better understand what art is, what it means, and to share viewpoints on the concepts of art; to encourage participation and creativity through open idea-gathering; to involve students in art activities both in/outside of school; and to develop leadership skills/public speaking skills/people skills through open social interaction.

Contact: Darren Longman (Advisor) and Thomas Taylor (Advisor)

Baptist Student Ministry

The purpose of the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) is to provide a ministry to persons of the Lone Star College-Montgomery community. We want to walk with students as they take their first step or next step on their faith journey.

Contact: Britany Williams (Advisor)

Bridges International

As the Lone Star College-Montgomery Chapter of Bridges International, the purpose of this organization shall be to serve and foster the knowledge of Jesus Christ and Biblical Christianity among the international community at Lone Star College-Montgomery.

Contact: Joe Garza (Advisor)

Catholic Club

Lonestar Catholic Club is a Catholic led organization, which strives to develop a strong Catholic community, carry out service and outreach, and overall bring well-rounded Catholic students at Lone Star College - Montgomery together to make an impact.

Contact: Marion Horn (Advisor)

Computer Club

The purposes of the Computer Club are to:
1) Inspire students to involve themselves in technology.
2) Develop studentsí professional skills.
3) Provide students with hands-on experience in areas of technology.
4) Introduce students to areas of technology.
5) Introduce students to related organizations.
6) Provide students with opportunities to network and converse with technology professionals.
7) Educate students about new technological advancements and news.
8) Encourage students to commit to moral work.

Contact: Rajiv Malkan (Advisor)

Chess Club

The purpose of the MC-Chess Club will be to introduce and promote the game of chess to all players at all levels through education, sportsmanship, collegiality, and play!

Contact: Michael Devoley (Advisor)

Clay Club

The clay club is a venue to celebrate the ceramics classes on campus and all they do and share that with the entire student body.

Contact: Charles Wood (Advisor)

Climbing Club

Building relationships through Rock Climbing and encouraging health and wellness both personally and socially.

Contact: Tim Cowan (Advisor) and Mead Mclean (Advisor)


The purposes of this organization shall be to foster a supportive community for individuals who identify as a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and ally (LGBTQIA+) community; provide educational programming for LSC-Montgomery regarding issues prevalent within the LGBTQIA+ community; and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community at LSC-Montgomery.

Contact: Michele Richey (Advisor), Simone Andrade (Advisor), Haley Stoner (Advisor), and Trey Broadhurst (Advisor)

Criminal Justice Society

The Criminal Justice Society seeks to broaden studentsí views of the Criminal Justice field. Our organization hosts guest speakers from various professional backgrounds to share their knowledge, perspectives, and unique experiences. This club also serves as an outlet for both community volunteering opportunities and social activities.

Contact: Dr. Sarah Chapman (Advisor) and Kevin Fritze (Advisor)

ECOS (Environmentally Conscious Organization of Students)

Striving to raise awareness of environmental issues of campus and community; promote reduction, reuse, and recycling of campus resources; and the recreation and beautification of campus and community.

Contact: Michael Devoley (Advisor)

El Club De Espanol

Our main goal is to showcase our Hispanic Culture and the Spanish language. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to meet and celebrate diversity.

Engineering Society

The purpose of our club is to give members exposure to the latest scientific findings and different computer software to expand their knowledge in hopes of bettering their future. We will use software common within the Engineering field to give members first-hand experience in hopes they gain proficiency in multiple software.  Information about each program and topic will be presented and then learned at one's own pace. The collective will be responsible for helping build each other up in hopes of obtaining a thorough understanding.   
Contact: Miguel Rubio-Garcia (Advisor)

Esports & Gaming Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for members to discuss, practice, and compete in various e-sports.

Contact: Scott Hankosky (Advisor)

The Flying Mavericks

The Flying Mavericks organization provides students with valuable insight into the aviation industry. 

Contact: Kandi Balingasa (Advisor)

Human Services Student Organization

The Human Services Student Organization serves to raise awareness of the Human Services Program on the Montgomery campus and provide Human Services students the opportunity to serve both the campus community as well as the community at-large.
Contact: Glen Killian (Advisor)

International Student Organization

The International Student Organization promotes cultural and social activities that represent its diverse members, who come from around the world. All LSC-Montgomery students are welcome to join the ISO.

Contact: Marlyssa Aguilar (Advisor) and Shuang Zhao (Advisor)

Math Society

The purpose of this organization shall be as follows:

  1. Goal #1: Connecting students who share a curiosity about or a passion for math.
  2. Goal #2: Support and encourage students pursuing interests or careers related to mathematics by sharing knowledge or experiences with each other.
  3. Goal #3: Explore and discuss different aspects of mathematics
  4. Goal #4: Assist with networking opportunities that facilitate the development of successful students.

Contact: Jeffrey Groah (Advisor) and Ashley Majzun (Advisor)

Maverick Opera Club

Join us for Opera Club as we explore and engage with the visceral world of opera and classical singing. Students will actively listen to, watch, and discuss operatic excerpts, as well as learn more about the historical context and time period in which operas were written. How is opera relevant to today's society and experience in the modern, technological age? Come find out!

Contact: Michael Walsh (Advisor)

Music Club

To create opportunities for and encourage the performance, listening, and appreciation of music for students involved in the music department classes, ensembles, and other activities.

Contact: Mark Marotto (Advisor)

Phi Theta Kappa

The purpose of the Beta Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Lone Star College-Montgomery shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students at this college.

Contact: Dr. Rebecca Howard (Advisor) and Kevin Fritze (Advisor)

Pizza and Politics

The goal of the Pizza and Politics Club is to provide students and the community with a place to share and discuss political topics, issues, and events. The Pizza and Politics Club will also serve as an arena for members and the community to gain new knowledge, raise awareness, and develop relationships that fosters healthy thinking, information sharing, and debate while striving to leave a positive impact through dialogue.

Contact: Michael Devoley (Advisor), Ernest Dupree (Advisor), and Kevin Fritze (Advisor)

Pro-Life Club

"At the Pro-Life Club, we hold that all humans deserve human rights, no matter their race, age, accomplishments, or disabilities. Each life is of inestimable and eternal value. Since science establishes that human life begins at the moment of conception, our human right to life should be respected from that point. The Pro-Life Club hosts speakers, events, and service projects to educate people and to help moms and babies in need. Join us and help us change the course of history for the better by stopping the oppression of abortion and creating a culture of life, love and kindness."

Contact: Elizabeth Logue (Advisor)

Psi Beta

Psi Beta is the national honor society in psychology for community colleges. We have a spring induction for new members and application forms may be picked up in the Advisorsí offices or in the Psychology classrooms.

Contact: David Oviatt (Advisor) and Marla Moreno (Advisor)

Psychology Club

Everyone who is interested in behavior and psychology is welcome to attend the Psychology Club meetings! The purpose of the Lone Star College-Montgomery Psychology Club is to help students gain a sense of community with others in psychology, learn about the discipline and facilitate leadership development. There are no dues or membership requirements. There is an elected group of officers and a Leadership Council who plans meetings and activities.

Contact: David Oviatt (Advisor) or Marla Moreno (Advisor)

Radiology Student Association

Open to students of the Medical Radiological Technology program, the organization promotes general health and education for students and professionals alike, specializing in the field of radiologic technology.

Contact: Joe Garza (Advisor) and Rowdy Volmer (Advisor)


The purpose of our club is to give members exposure to the latest scientific findings and different computer software to expand their knowledge in hopes of bettering their future.

Contact: David Benzel (Advisor)

Sigma Kappa Delta

Sigma Kappa Delta (SKD) is the English Honor Society for 2-Year Colleges. LSC-M is the only college within the system with a chapter.  Membership is by invitation only.  Thematic monthly mtgs. & other events are regularly announced.

We have as our main goal to provide distinction to high-achieving students in the English language and Literature. Not only do we want to provide value to SKD's active members, but to every student in campus by organizing and hosting events campus-wide.

Contact: Basnagoda Rahula (Advisor) and Carla Pimentel (Advisor)

Student Nurse Organization

A service organization, open to nursing students or other interested parties, geared to promoting health and wellness awareness to our community.

Contact: Tamara Blanton (Advisor)

Student Physical Therapy Assistant Association (SPTAA)

SPTAA promotes the development of leadership in students preparing to become physical therapist assistant or physical therapists.

Contact: Renee Pruitt (Advisor)

Student Veteran Association

The Student Veteran Association aims to unite LSC-M Veteran students, bridge the civilian-military divide, offer support to fellow veterans, and create a sense of camaraderie on campus.

Contact: Sara Killingsworth (Advisor) and Roberto Cavazos (Advisor)

Texas Society of Professional Surveyors-Montgomery (TSPS)

The Lone Star College-Montgomery Student Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors shall advance, in the broadest sense, the profession of surveying and mapping in the area served by the Chapter; to aid and contribute to the education of its members and the general public in attaining high surveying standards, both technical and ethical; to provide a local headquarters for a closer association of its members and to provide local meetings.

Contact: Adam Salazar (Advisor)

The Academy (Philosophy Club)

Promote rational thought in all philosophical topics with open minded discussion. As well as to enhance our own philosophical and rational capabilities.

Contact: Tim Cowan (Advisor)  



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