Forms and Resources

Student Organization Resources

Student Organization Online Registration
This form allows new organizations to register and returning organizations to re-register while requesting SFAC funds.

Equipment Check-out
If you need to check out some of our equipment, please complete the form at least two weeks prior to your event.

Marketing Information

Printing Request
Please give a one-week lead time to complete print request.

Working with PR MarCom

Approved graphics for TVs and Digital Poster, and creation of club logos must follow brand guides and be approved in collaboration with the Office of Student Life and PR MarCom.

PR MarCom requires a minimum of 15 business day notice for all requests.

Request for placement of graphics on the monitors and club logo creation can be submitted here.

Campus Digital Display Monitor Graphic Sizes

Digital Poster/View Sonic Size

Size Requirements: 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels (15 x 26.667), 72 (dpi) (Resolution) (Pixels/Inch)

T.V. Display Monitor (DMS) Size

Size Requirements: 1280 pixels x 800 pixels (17.778 x 11.111), 72 (dpi) (Resolution) (Pixels/Inch)

Sample Constitution
This document can be customized for each organization. The shaded areas should be changed to reflect the requirements and responsibilities as identified bu the members of the organization.

Event/Fundraising Request
Any clubs or organizations wishing to hold a fundraiser or event must submit this form at least two weeks prior to the event date indicated. The Office of Student Life will need to give prior approval before an event can take place.

Club Meeting Roster

Officer Member Roster


If your student organization/event committee would like to sell food (hot dogs, hamburgers, baked goods, etc.), you are required to apply for a permit from Montgomery County Environmental Health Services. You simply complete the application and submit it at least two weeks prior to the event if submitting by mail, or at least 48 hours prior to the sale/event if submitting the application in person. The permit is FREE of charge for nonprofit organizations, which includes our college.

Take a moment to read the Food Rules for Temporary Food Services Permit. This will give you all of the information and directions needed to obtain the permit. This document, as well as the application itself can be found below.

Application for Temporary Food Services Permit


Deposit Memo
Used at the Business Office to deposit funds from fundraisers. Requires the Program Manager's signature.

Budget Transfer Request
Please complete this as soon as possible; at least two weeks prior to the use of the funds.

Purchase Request
Please allow two weeks for processing, ordering, and receiving the items.

Speakers & Performers

Contracts and agreements for vendors, speakers, & performers. Organizations that plan to have a vendor, speaker or performer on campus for an activity or program must complete the necessary paperwork found below. Please note that this process generally takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Vendor Application

Performer Agreement

Speaker Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Honorarium Authorization


Vendor Graph


  1. Confirm that budgeted funds are available for the trip, including the leasing of vehicles suitable for the trip.
  2. Be familiar with the process used to respond to any special needs of a student with a disability
  3. Submit the Request for Approval of College Sponsored Travel and the College Sponsored Travel paperwork to the Program Manager for Student Life four weeks prior to travel.
  4. The advisor or designated college official must accompany the student organization to events in which the student organization represents Lone Star College.

After receiving approval for the trip, the advisor must advise all students of the trip and take the following additional steps prior to departure.

1. Advisor is to complete the following forms:

Trip Request (TR1)

Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate

Rental Car Tax Exemption Certificate

Tax Exemption Certificate

Authorization to operate a motor vehicle if advisor is driving students (TR-MVR)
This form is required every 3 months.

Vehicle Use Information Sheet & Guidelines for Drivers (Driver-MVR Training Form)

2. Advisor is to secure the following form from each participant:

Release & Indemnification Agreement (TR3)

3. Advisor should bring all TR4 forms and emergency contact information when traveling. If you are renting a vehicle or staying in a Texas hotel, please visit Employee Intranet > Forms and Resources > Administration and Finance > Tax to download the appropriate paperwork.

Travel Waiver and Hold Harmless (TR4)

Incident Report Waiver Form

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