Marketing Request

The Power is in Your Hands

If your or your department is hosting an event then the first place you need to be in on the Online Calendar! The process for including events across all communication channels has been streamlined. College faculty and staff can register and sign in to add their event to the Online Calendar. The information displayed on the online calendar will be used across all marketing items for consistency. Your event will be approved within 48 hours. For event promotion it is important that you have all these details planned out before placing your request.

Some New Things

  • We have a creative brief form that needs to be included with every marketing request. This form will help us get important information about your request and help us come up with the best creative solution to help you reach your goals. You can download it here. This is a great tool to use as you plan events, come up with communication, and plan unique ways to connect with students. We know its new so please if you need help the first couple times filling it out let us know!
  • If your project needs items that will be purchased you must have approval of the purchase before submitting a marketing request.
  • Bathroom ads and campus happenings will be used during this time but we will be using these communications in a different way than before. We are working on that now so stayed tuned.
  • Once a request is submitted please give us 2 business days to acknowledge the request. You will receive a follow-up email from us to know that your request has been received.
  • We ask that all events be submitted on the the online event calendar and we made a quick document to help walk you through it. February 7 there will be an update so we will have to update it very soon, but we hope this helps you out.

A Few Things to Remember

  • All request must have dean/director approval
  • Request are first come first served. Event request must provide date, time and location for the request to be approved. For request that include working with 3rd party vendors be mindful of production time frames when placing your deadline.
  • Most requests require 4 weeks to effectively produce and promote. That doesn't mean we cannot help you, but please be aware that limited services will be provided. If we cannot do it for you we will work with you to find an alternative.
  • We no longer offer print services, but we can create, edit, and approve your designs and use of the logo.
  • Student Club requests are submitted through Student Life's Forms and Resources.

Need to Upload a File?

There is a place on the marketing form to upload a file as an example or draft and the same is to be used for sending the creative breif form but if you find that you are having trouble please email it to

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