Take Flight STEM


New STEM Honors Track: In Partnership with Rice University Important Deadline Reminders

Take Flight is a cohort co-curricular pathway developed and offered in partnership with Rice University for LSC Honors students interested in STEM careers.  The program has two tracks: one for first-year students and one for second-year students. Both groups will have access to specialized curricular and cocurricular STEM opportunities collaboratively offered by Rice and LSC STEM faculty and mentors.  
Take Flight students will also get specialized application support for funded, summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates, or REUs, which are offered by Rice University and other sites around the country and are funded by the National Science Foundation. For the first-year track, additional programming will focus on career exploration, while second-year students will receive STEM-specific advisement on selective-transfer application writing and transfer preparedness.

Program Checklist:

  • Statement of Commitment: Carefully read, sign and return the attached Statement of Commitment, which details the program requirements. Deadline: As soon as possible. The organizers have made sure to include many, flexible options from which to choose; only take part if you intend to participate in the minimum five (5) events as described. Dropping out or otherwise not meeting the requirements may impact your Honors Good Standing. See Statement of Commitment for complete details.
  • Update Applications: For those of you with pending transfer applications, update them with your participation in the Take Flight Rice-LSC Stem Scholar Program. For those currently completing transfer and/or scholarship applications, make sure to add the program.
  • Apply for a Summer REU, optional/highly encouraged. An REU info session is being offered on the Rice campus. You may want to start your application ahead of this event and attend with specific questions in mind. See also your notes from the kick-off session. Uncertain whether to apply? As always, contact your honors director to discuss best co-curricular options.  Important: Make sure to let me know (cc your honors director and Liz) if you apply so that we can vouch for your application in consultation with your director.  
  • Apply for Rice Admissions, if applicable.
  • Complete Take Flight Program Requirements.

Requirements for Certificate of Completion (See also the Take Flight Schedule of Events)

The following program requirements must be completed:

  • Participation in at least one information session (not including kick-off)
  • Participation in at least one academic lecture
  • Participation in at least one social/peer-oriented event
  • Participation in at least 2 other events of the student's choice
  • Completion of Program Reflection Survey 

Note: Students with additional summer commitments may choose to complete the above requirements and receive their certificate of successful completion ahead of the August deadline. Conference/symposium attendance is highly encouraged.

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