Benefits of The Honors College


Students admitted into The Honors College are admitted into a comprehensive program of study including:

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Group of Graduation Students

The Honors College graduates have transferred to top institutions such as:

  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Duke University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Texas
  • Vanderbilt University

Opportunities for Research

Opportunities for Research
Honors classes provide a unique intellectual and co-curricular experience.

Honors at LSC is an undergraduate-research program. Courses and co-curricular activities, including our Honors College Leadership Program, are based on national best practices as set by the Council for Undergraduate Research.

Students are encouraged to develop research projects and coursework based on their own interests and career goals - and they develop analytical, communication and leadership skills that help them succeed no matter which future academic or professional career they choose.

Since undergraduate research skills and related soft-skills offer students an edge for transfer and career regardless of degree or profession, eligible students from all programs of study are welcome to apply.

Braxton Fonner

Braxton Fonner

Braxton's research project was:
"What are the ethics of food aid programs?"

Lois Ann Suter

Lois Ann Suter

Lois' research project was:
"Analyzing Christian music history"

Jesus Patino

Jesus Patino

Jesus's research project was:
"Is the media biased?"

Graduation Distinctions

Honors College Fellow Degree (AA/AS)

Completion of minimum 6 honors credit hours per semester and a total of 27 hours of honors credit with an overall 3.25 GPA

Graduate with Honors in Research

Completion of 9 Honors credits, 3.50 GPA

Graduate with High Honors in Research

Completion of 15 Honors credits, 3.50 GPA

Graduate with Highest Honors in Research

Completion of 21 Honors credits, 3.50 GPA

Honors Scholar

Completion of the Honors Scholar course (includes 25 hours of internship); 3.50 GPA.

Co-Curricular Activities

Honors College students in front of the colesiumCo-curricular activities, activities outside of the classroom that complement academic studies, are an integral part of a comprehensive honors education. Our co-curricular program encourages students to put their studies into practice. From student travel to performing arts events, these beyond-the-classroom activities significantly add to students' academic development.

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