The Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning (The Center) exists to provide faculty with relevant, meaningful learning experiences to continuously improve their teaching craft and reach diverse learners.

Our Vision

The Center partners to offer a system-wide network of support for faculty in order to offer quality academic programs, access to shared resources, and opportunities to connect with colleagues.

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The key outcomes for The Center are to integrate each of the Faculty Qualities of Excellence (FQE) and the Preamble.

  • Student Invested: Awareness and knowledge of diverse student populations, highly support students
  • Content Expert: Efficiency in discipline-specific concepts, current trends in higher education
  • Pedagogically Excellent: Employs engaging and active learning strategies, expanded use of technologies and assessments techniques
  • Institutionally Dedicated: System-wide engagement with colleagues, collaborative community building

Connect with Us

Connect with Us

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