The Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning

Program Offerings

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ACP Level One: Beginner to Intermediate

Adjunct Certification Program (ACP) Level One provides 6 hours of fully online coursework to assist new adjuncts with foundational teaching skills at the college level.

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ACP Level Two: Intermediate to Advanced

Adjunct Certification Program (ACP) Level Two provides 6 weeks of fully online coursework using Desire2Learn(D2L) . It provides adjuncts with a collegial, facultyled supportive atmosphere of teaching and learning.

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ACP Level Three: Advanced

Adjunct Certification Program (ACP) Level Three provides 6 weeks of fully online coursework using Desire2Learn (D2L). It provides additional support and advanced learning related to innovative instructional practices.

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Deans & Directors Program

This Program was created to help equip emerging mid-level leaders with tools and strategies to better prepare them to be more effective in their roles.

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Chairs Leadership Institute

Chairs Leadership Institute was created and designed for helping to develop new and existing chairs across Lone Star College.

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Lead Faculty Institute

The Lead Faculty Institute (LFI) was created and designed to continue supporting and developing new and existing Leads across Lone Star College.

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New Faculty Institute

The New Faculty Institute (NFI) provides new full-time faculty with innovative faculty development experiences and exceptional support to foster continuous improvement in the art and science of teaching and learning.

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Teaching & Learning Conference

In collaboration with each Lone Star College campus, Organizational Development, and Faculty Development host the Teaching & Learning Conference. The Conference provides an opportunity for all Lone Star College parttime adjuncts, full-time faculty, and all LSC employees to engage and collaborate around instructional topics.

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NISOD Workshops

These offerings are for faculty, administrators, and staff. These workshops allow colleagues to come together at a more localized level to share experiences, network, and learn from one another as they address issues and best practices in higher education.


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Book Studies

Faculty-led book studies provide during each long semester. Books may vary based on trending higher education topics and faculty needs.

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FQE Roundtables

The FQE roundtables will consist of sharing historical context, and overview, and discussion about the importance of embodiment of these qualities. 

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Just in Time Series

In the Just in Time Series, the participants will learn to work with applications, software, and teaching methods discussed to better serve the students. They will also be able to improve their skills in the apps presented. Just a 30-minute session.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning (The Center) exists to provide faculty with relevant, meaningful learning experiences to continuously improve their teaching craft and reach diverse learners.

Our Vision

The Center partners to offer a system-wide network of support for faculty in order to offer quality academic programs, access to shared resources, and opportunities to connect with colleagues.


VTAC (Virtual Teaching Assistance Center)
VDAC (Virtual Disabilities Assistance Center)
VLAC (Virtual Learning Assistance Center)

AI for Educators, by Matt Miller
Small Teaching Online, by Flower Darby
Teach Like a Pirate, by Dave Burgess



The key outcomes for The Center are to integrate each of the Faculty Qualities of Excellence (FQE) and the Preamble.

  • Student Invested: Awareness and knowledge of diverse student populations, highly support students
  • Content Expert: Efficiency in discipline-specific concepts, current trends in higher education
  • Pedagogically Excellent: Employs engaging and active learning strategies, expanded use of technologies and assessments techniques
  • Institutionally Dedicated: System-wide engagement with colleagues, collaborative community building

Location Information

Hours of Operation:
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Office Contacts 

Dr. Tristan Fernandez-Cablay, EdD

Director, Faculty Development

Claudia Cox, M.S., M.A.

Manager, Faculty Development

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Connect with Us

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