Creative Services

Services Offered

Below is a list of services provided to Lone Star College-Kingwood:

For All Creative Services Requests

Model Release Form

Click on this link to access the Model Release Form.

Lead Time Required

  • Print Services: 2 weeks
  • Graphic Design: 3 weeks
  • Signage: 3 weeks
  • Photography: 4 weeks
  • Video Production: 4 weeks

Print & Material Charges

Due to the high cost of materials being produced, a budget code is required for all print services. Materials are charged based on size, quantity and material used.


Graphic Design & Signage

The design team works exclusively with faculty and staff in support of their educational needs. The department operates on a first come, first served basis. It is best to give staff members at least three to four weeks to complete a project with the possibilty of several design drafts, edits and print production. Outdoor signage is a multistep process requiring extensive time to complete.



Creative Services is available for event photography and personal portraits as needed for college programs. Due to the volume of requests, it is recommended that photography requests are done at the beginning of the semester so that all events run as smoothly as possible. Additionally, it is recommended that the photographer be invited to the first planning meeting in order to discuss turnaround dates/deadlines.


Video Production

Video production services primarily focus on supporting educational areas. Creative Services captures and edits instructional materials that can be uploaded for classroom instruction. They also support faculty and staff by recording guest speakers, professional development workshops, as well as producing videos for the web; promoting events and campus life. Video work is available on a first come, first served basis. It is recommended that video requests are made at least one month in advance and to allow two to four weeks for editing. Video equipment can also be checked out for classroom use and interview sessions on a first come, first served basis. For equipment set-up, please notify at least two weeks in advance.



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