Digital & Social Media

Lead Time Required

Minimum three weeks’ notice to adequately promote campus events.

Editing Department Web Pages

College Relations encourages each department to designate a staff member to edit the department’s web pages. To gain permission to edit web pages, the designer must become a certified web author via a special Open Text Training course. If anyone would like to become a web author, contact KC-CollegeRelations@LoneStar.edu.

Social Media For Promotion

LSC-Kingwood utilizes many different social media outlets. LSC-Kingwood has an official Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat accounts. Online media tools like Facebook and Twitter are used by College Relations to promote special events, give students practical information about student services and classes, and share online content that is relevant to the higher education community. If someone would like to utilize LSC-Kingwood’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote an event or disseminate information about services such as financial aid, admissions, tutoring, etc., email KC-CollegeRelations@LoneStar.edu. In order to make sure that events and information are properly promoted, a request for social media posts must be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance.

Social Media For Departments & Clubs

In general, LSC employees can use social media for college-related business. This includes creating social media accounts for school groups, clubs, departments, and classes. At the same time, the campus does not want to use social media indiscriminately. In other words, it does not want to have a Facebook page for every college class, department, student service, and club. For legal reasons, any college-affiliated social media account must be monitored and must follow branding guidelines. Therefore, creating new social media pages will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and all must be approved and monitored by College Relations. This includes giving the media and publication coordinator access to these pages. To create a new LSC-Kingwood social media account, please submit a request to KC-CollegeRelations@LoneStar.edu.

Digital Marketing Intelligence Center

Digital Marketing Intelligence Center (DMIC) is a creative suite enabling faculty, staff, and students to monitor online conversations about organizations, brands, products, and services, in addition to the college’s social media channels and digital marketing campaigns. The DMIC is a graphic display summarizing social media content. It conveys sentiment, share of voice, trend information, geolocation data, and more. In addition to marketing support, the center offers educational and research opportunities to faculty and students. For more information, contact Armando Galvan-Cruces, Media & Communications Director, Armando.GalvanCruces@LoneStar.edu

Inclement Weather/Emergency Information

Always refer to the Lone Star College Alert page or the Emergency Management website. Every effort will be made to provide information as it becomes available. Posts will also be made on all social media outlets.

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