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Student Success Skills Sources - LSC-CyFair

Selected Web Sites

Learning Stylesstudy skills photo

  • Barsch Learning Styles Inventory from Indiana University South Bend - provides an interactive survey to assess your preferred learning style. Please note: there is no need to list your name and email in the form.
  • Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire from Barbara A. Soloman & Richard M. Felder at North Carolina State University - features a quiz that helps you determine what techniques or situations help you learn
Study Strategies
  • Goal Setting from Aims Community College - features steps on how to plan and reach your personal and educational goals
  • How to Beat Procrastination from Willamette University - includes realistic steps to take when trying to overcome this habit 
  • Improving Your Concentration from Kansas State Counseling Services - provides strategies on how to stay focused
  • Anxiety/Stress Management from Barnard College - helps you identify symptoms of stress and how to alleviate it safely
  • Managing Your Time from Dartmouth College Academic Skills Center - provides planners, tips, and a quiz to determine your planning skills
  • What Will Improve a Student’s Memory? (PDF) from Professor Daniel T. Willingham, professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Virginia - provides tips on how to remember important information based on proven techniques.
  • Note Taking Systems from Cal Poly Student Academic Services - provides methods for organizing and taking notes
  • Stress Management from Southern Utah University Health and Wellness Program - provides practical tips and strategies for identifying and handling stress.
  • Avoiding Plagiarism FAQ from LSC-CyFair Branch Library - features why, when, and how to document sources used in research.
  • Oral Presentation Tips from Grand Valley State University - provides some guidelines on how to prepare and give a successful talk on a topic
  • Speeches from The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - provides ideas for writing and delivering a successful speech
  • Writer's Web Topic Index & Search Engine from University of Richmond Writing Center - includes help guides on grammar, citation styles, and editing among other topics
  • Note-Taking from Oregon State University - gives tips on recording class information including a helpful narrated video with topic details.
  • Textbook Reading Strategies from Baylor University Office of Academic Support Programs - provides practical tips for efficient understanding of textbook information
  • SQ3R Reading System from Virginia Tech University Counseling Center - lists strategies to help you remember what you read
  • Writing Lab Reports or Research Reports from the University of Guelph Library (Ontario, Canada) - highlights essential elements of a lab or research report in the sciences
  • Math Strategies & Study Tips from University of Illinois at Chicago Academic Center For Excellence - provides simple tips for understanding how to study and take tests in mathematics
  • Success in Mathematics listed at Texas A & M University's Academic Success Center but originally from Saint Louis University Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - provides practical tips for studying math and testing well
  • Self Help-Taking Tests from Texas A&M Student Counseling Service - provides great tips for doing well on tests including specific strategies for different types of tests such as essay, multiple choice, etc.
  • Test Anxiety from University of Texas-Dallas Student Counseling Center - identifies a coordinated plan to start test review early to minimize anxiety
Books, Videos, Etc.

Use the key words below to find library materials on the following subjects in the Lone Star College–CyFair Branch Library or search other topics in the library catalog.

  • adult learning
  • college student orientation
  • college students conduct of life
  • learning disabled higher education
  • mathematics study psychological
  • mnemonics
  • note taking
  • public speaking
  • reading higher education
  • students time management
  • study skills
  • success psychological
  • test taking skills

Magazine Articles

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Success Tips from Lone Star College–CyFair Students
NOTE: Thanks to all the Lone Star College–CyFair Students and Faculty Members who provided support and input for this project to gather student tips on success skills.
To help me remember what I read in a textbook, I . . .
Take notes as I go and highlight important info and write down every definition that is given in each chapter and put the page numbers in my notes to reference it to my book. Also I take notes in the margins. - ALC/Business Finance major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Highlight then come back & review again later that same day. - Travis/Undecided major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Teach it to my younger sister and Mom. Don't teach it the way it is in the book. Put it in a chart. Make it better, clearer to understand. Your textbook is merely a tool. - RLK/English major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Make my own notes about the text with my own interpretation. - Johnathan/A.A.S./Lone Star College–CyFair
To recall key points or lists for a test, I . . .
Use mnemonics or sometimes memorize the list in the tune of a popular song and sing it to myself over and over again. - MKS/Veterinary Medicine major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Make flash cards. - LT/Economics or Marketing major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Use acronyms. - Angela/Spanish & Sign Language Interpreter major/Lone Star College–CyFair & KAS/Elementary Education major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Think of familiar comparisons to help remember. - CLV/Undecided/Lone Star College–CyFair
When I am faced with going to work, running errands, and several assignments to complete during the week, I . . .
Write everything in a planner so I will stay on task. - Travis/Undecided major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Try to sit down and create a schedule so I can see where I need to put the most emphasis. It helps set priorities. - Angela/Spanish & Sign Language Interpreter major/Lone Star College–CyFair
When I need to practice a class presentation, I . . .
Do it for my family a few times. No one will be as brutally honest with you as your family. - RLK/English major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Stay in a quiet, clear, uncluttered room by myself and recite it to myself sometimes even in front of a mirror. - MKS/Veterinary Medicine major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Rehearse and write on note cards. - BSJ/Business/Lone Star College–CyFair
Practice out loud in front of friends to get feedback. - EW/Communications major/Lone Star College–CyFair & Angela/Spanish & Sign Language Interpreter major/Lone Star College–CyFair
When I feel stressed out about classes, dating, my job, etc., I . . .
Go for a jog - SD/Nursing major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Talk to my friends/family or when I just need to relax, I read a non-school related book/magazine or go see a good movie. - CJA/Psychology major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Usually go the gym or go running - Brian/Business major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Do some yoga or meditate on a peaceful topic..go to my happy place if you will! Plus I always pray if I think things are getting too hectic. - MKS/Veterinary Medicine major/Lone Star College–CyFair
Evaluate my priorities. What's most important? Is stressing out about a test or a job important, or is studying for a test and doing my job more important? Stress is not going to do the work for you. - Johnathan/A.A.S./Lone Star College–CyFair

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