Forms Frequently Used by Registered Student Organizations

Resources for Existing and new LSC-M Clubs and organizations

Student Organization Online Registration Form (This form is required to be re-submitted every fall prior to spending any club funds, or whenever a change in officers or advisor occurs)

2012-2013 Budget Request Form

2012-2013 Travel Budget Request Form

Printing Request Form (Used for posters, flyers, and documents.  Printing is usually completed in 24-48 hours)

Advisor Checklist (This form is designed to help advisors and officers work together to develop expectations for the role of the advisors in each student organization.)

Sample Constitution (This document can be customized for each organization. The shaded areas should be changed to reflect the requirements and responsibilities as identified by the members of the organization.)

Maverick Mascot Reservation Form  If your organization would like to have Monty the Maverick present at your event, please complete this form. Please note that while the Office of Student Life will provide the costume, your organization must provide the person to wear the costume.

Equipment Check-out Form (popcorn machine, karaoke machine, etc.)

• Event/Fundraising Request Form Any clubs or organizations wishing to hold a fundraiser or event must be submit this form at least two week prior to the event date indicated.  The Student Life office will need to give prior approval before an event can take place.

Forms Needed for Selling Food at Events and Fundraisers

Luby's, etc. has exclusive rights to provide food for any event on campus, and provide catering for events as well. To get more information and order food click here

Remember that ALL student organization fundraisers must be approved prior to the event.  To get approval for your fundraising event, e-mail and provide all details of your request, including date, time (starting and ending), location, and a description of the event. Joseph will notify your group as soon as approval is finalized.

If your student organization/event committee would like to sell food (hot dogs/hamburgers, baked goods, etc.), you are required to apply for a permit from Montgomery County Environmental Health Services. You simply complete the application and submit it at least two weeks prior to the event if submitting by mail, or at least 48 hours prior to the sale/event if submitting the application in person. The permit is FREE of charge for nonprofit organizations, which includes our college.

Take a moment to read the “Food Rules for Temporary Food Services Permit.” This will give you all of the information and directions needed to obtain the permit. This document, as well as the Application itself, can be found below. 

For more information, visit the Montgomery County Environmental Health Services website at: or call them at 936.539.7839.

Room & Event Booking

If you would like to host an event at Lone Star College-Montgomery or reserve an room or computer lab for academic purposes please follow the appropriate link listed below:

Employees and Student Organizations

LSC-Montgomery employees and/or student organizations can reserve a room or computer lab for a special event, conference or meeting by filling out the following form:

>> Room Reservations (Employees and Student Organizations)
>> Cancellation Form (Employees and Student Organizations)

Community Members

People who are not employed by LSC-Montgomery can request space for a special event, conference or meeting by filling out the following form:

>> Room Reservations (Community Members)
>> Cancellation Form (Community Members)

Financial Paperwork
Petty Cash Request

Lone Star College System Request for Taxpayer/W-9 Identification Number and Certificate (required when setting up vendors or independent contractors)

Agreement for the Performance of an Independent Contractor Up to $5000 (when hiring outside entertainment/contractors)

Agreement for the Performance of an Independent Contractor in Excess of $5000 (when hiring outside entertainment/contractors)

Honorarium Authorization Form

Speaker Agreement Form

Tax Exemption Certificate

Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate

Employee Expense Reimbursement Form (replaces Check Request - used for all types of employee reimbursements) * Form accessible through the iStar System.

Student Expense Refund Request (used for all types of student reimbursements)


Authentic Promotions is an approved vendor through which student organizations may order t-shirts. Their contact information is below:

Amy Warner Authentic Promotions
4640 Marconi Ave. Suite 5
Sacramento, CA 95821
1-800-497-7765 ext.268
Fax 1-800-497-7706

Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and Agreements for Vendors, Speakers, & Performers Organizations that plan to have a vendor, speaker or performer on campus for an activity or program must complete the necessary paperwork, which includes:

1. Contract/agreement form (specific to that vendor; see the “Descriptions of Standard Agreements” link on the General Counsel web page)
2. Vendor must provide a completed W9 form* (name and address on this form must match that provided for payment)
3. Vendor must provide an invoice for payment

Please note that the W9 form must be processed by System Office before a check request can be submitted, so it is in your best interest to have the vendor complete & return that form immediately after agreeing to come to campus.  The contract & invoice must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the scheduled performance in order to have a check ready on the day of your event.  Otherwise, System Office follows a “Net 45” policy which means that a check will be cut & mailed within 45 days of the date of invoice.  PLAN AHEAD for timely processing! Paperwork can be submitted to the Office of Student Life, ATTN: Office Coordinator. 

For assistance with any of the paperwork/processes, please see the Office of Student Life team.

Travel Forms

Travel Forms

Notice: Planning college sponsored student travel can be fairly time consuming.  Please allow ample time to complete the process. At least 48 hours prior to departure, copies of the following must be submitted to the Office of Student Life: Request for Approval of College Sponsored Student Travel (Form TR1), Trip Plan (Form TR2), Trip Roster (Form TR3), Participant Release (Form TR4), and Form A-10. The advisor should carry a copy of each student participant’s Form A-10, in case there is an emergency.  Please guard this information carefully, as it contains students’ personal information.