Program Description

LSC-Kingwood ESOL Program DescriptionAcademic ESOL classes are designed to prepare students for further college study. These courses also provide instruction in American culture and English for everyday living.  The Academic ESOL Program includes courses in reading, writing, oral communication, and grammar.

Students are advised and registered by the ESOL Advisor: Ita Jervis
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Course Titles and Numbers

ESOL Reading

ENGL 0361/CENGLC 3006101 ESOL Reading I
ENGL 0362/CENGLC 3006201 ESOL Reading II
ENGL 0363/CENGLC 3006301 ESOL Reading III
ENGL 0364/CENGLC 3000401 ESOL Reading IV
ENGL 0365/CENGLC 3000501 ESOL Reading V

ESOL Writing

ENGL 0371/CENGLC 3007101 ESOL Writing I
ENGL 0372/CENGLC 3007201 ESOL Writing II
ENGL 0373/CENGLC 3007301 ESOL Writing III
ENGL 0374/CENGLC 3007401 ESOL Writing IV
ENGL 0375/CENGLC 3000701 ESOL Writing V

ESOL Oral Communication

ENGL 0381/CENGLC 3008101 ESOL Oral Communication I
ENGL 0382/CENGLC 3008201 ESOL Oral Communication II
ENGL 0383/CENGLC 3008301 ESOL Oral Communication III
ENGL 0384/CENGLC 3008401 ESOL Oral Communication IV

ESOL Grammar

ENGL 0308/CENGLC 3008401 ESOL Language Skills Workshop Grammar I
ENGL 0308/CENGLC 3008401 ESOL Language Skills Workshop Grammar II
ENGL 0308/CENGLC 3008401 ESOL Language Skills Workshop Grammar III
ENGL 0308/CENGLC 3008401 ESOL Language Skills Workshop Grammar IV
ENGL 0308/CENGLC 3008401 ESOL Language Skills Workshop Grammar V

Continuing Education ESL

Continuing Education ESL classes are for professionals preparing to enter careers requiring English proficiency and for those seeking general English skills without college entrance as a focus.  This course of study builds proficiency in English for everyday living and carrying out informal business transactions.

This program provides instruction at the true beginner through high intermediate levels. Program options include Communication for the Workplace, Writing for the Workplace, Pronunciation/Accent Reduction, Conversation for the Workplace, and Industry Specific Courses.

Students are advised and registered in Continuing Education Division (CE).

Communication for Workplace

Basic Communication for the Workplace (CCOMG 2100308)
Communication for Workplace I (CCOMG 2100073)
Communication for Workplace II (CCOMG 2100148)
Communication for Workplace III (CCOMG 2100456)
Communication for Workplace IV (CCOMG 2100562)

Grammar and Writing for the Workplace

Grammar and Writing for the Workplace I (CCOMG 2100561)
Grammar and Writing for the Workplace II (CCOMG 2100701)

Pronunciation/Accent Reduction

Pronunciation I (CCOMG 2100671)
Pronunciation II (CCOMG 2100672)
English for Health Care Professionals (CCOMG 2100674)
Conversation for the Workplace (CCOMG 2100366)

Basic ESL

Basic ESL classes are for students who primarily want to learn English for everyday life and work. These classes are for true beginners, including those who have very limited reading and writing ability.

These classes are provided free of charge.

Students are advised and registered in CE.

  • ESL 1: For adults with little or no English speaking ability. Focus on oral communication.
  • ESL 2: For adults wanting to increase verbal communication skills and develop basic reading and writing ability.
  • ESL 3: For adults with basic knowledge of spoken and written English wanting to enhance their skills.
  • ESL 4: For adults who have finished ESL level 3 and want to develop their reading comprehension and writing skills.

Students completing the Basic ESL program are ready to transition to LSC’s Intensive English program (see CIEL), tackle other academic studies, or improve their employment and communication skills.

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