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Registering for ESOL classes can be done in three easy steps:

LSC-Kingwood ESOL Program

  1. Complete an application. Go to the Admissions area of the Student Conference Center (SCC Building) to get help with your application. Or go here to apply online.
  2. Take the placement test. Contact the ESOL advisor, Ita Jervis (281-312-1536, Ita.L.Jervis@lonestar.edu), to get a testing form.
  3. See an ESOL advisor to register for ESOL classes.

New students must take the ESOL Program's Placement Test (ESOL Accuplacer) before enrolling in a class. The test has 5 sections: listening, grammar, reading, sentence meaning, and writing. The first 4 sections are done on the computer, and the writing part is completed on paper. The test takes between 2 to 3 hours to complete. The test is administered in the Testing Center (SCC 223), and you must have a picture ID to be able to take the test.

You may register in ESOL classes in two ways. One way is to enroll as a CREDIT student, and the other is to enroll as a continuing education (CE) student. Regardless of how you register, you will sit in the same class and receive the same quality instruction.

Whether you register as a CREDIT student or a CE student, you must first see an ESOL advisor first in SCC (Student Conference Center).

Below are some of the differences between the two methods of enrollment:

  Credit Continuing Education
Registration For students who are US citizens or permanent residents (Green Card holders). Also for students who are in the United States on certain types of visas, including the F-1 visa. For students who are not US citizens or permanent residents (Green Card holders). Also for students who are in the US on a tourist visa.
Tuition For the most updated fees, please check Updated Fees For the most updated fees, please contact LSCKCE@LoneStar.edu.
Grading Students receive a grade of A, B, or C, if they pass the course, and IP or F if they don't. Students can withdraw from a course before a certain date and receive a W. Students receive an "S" if they pass the course and an "N" if they don't pass or donít complete the requirements of the course.
Grade Reports Students receive an official college transcript of their courses and grades. Students receive a certificate for the successful completion of the course at the end of each semester.

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