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Counselor’s Corner is for all LSC-Tomball Dual Credit and Early College High School Counselors.  On this site, counselors will find updates, important resources, and important dates.

Registration forms for Fall 2018

  • Registration Form - Please make sure the form is filled out completely; incomplete forms may delay the registration process for the student. 
  • Financial Agreement - This form is noted on the registration form, and should be completed every semester  by every student registering for classes)
  • Parental Consent - This is a required form that must be completed for all new students 17 years of age or younger
  • FERPA  - This is an optional, but recommended form for new students.  This form gives authorization to someone to access the student's educational records.
  • Advising Proxy - This is not a required form, but it allows the student to designate someone who can make registration and withdrawal decisions on behalf of the student in the event that the student or high school counselor cannot.  The form will need to be notarized, and we have notary publics on our campus.

All of these forms can be turned in during your Registration Form Pick Up Day.  In the event that the forms need to be sent electronically, they can be sent to TC-DCForms@lonestar.edu.

Fall 2018 Important Dates

  • Saturday, August 18, 2018 - Payment Deadline.
  • Monday, August 27, 2018 - First day of LSC classes.

Preparing for Registration Season

The following documents can be used to help you prepare for the upcoming semester/school year.

  • Parent Information Packet - This packet can be given to parents during any dual credit information sessions that you host.  Included in the packet are FAQ's,  a dual credit checklist, TSI Prep information , and more.
  • What Parents need to know about Dual Credit:  This is a video that you can share with parents during and dual credit information session.
  • Online Application Instructions - If you do not host an application day, OR if you would like the student to complete the application at home, you can provide this handout.  You can also have students wtch a video tutorial on how to fill out an application by clicking here.

Resources for New/Prospective Dual Credit Students

Building Courses

Every year, you will need to send in your course request form for the academic year.  All courses must be approved before they can be offered as dual credit courses.  Please review the List of Approved Dual Credit Courses/Courses that have been cross-walked before filling in your course request form.  If the course you wish to offer is not listed, please contact our department to learn how to get a course approved.

While changes may be made to the course request form before the semester begins, we would like to have the requests for the upcoming year sent no later than February 1st. Please fill in all of the columns on both tabs.  An example has been provided for you on the request form.

Here is the Course Request Form for the 2018-2019 year.   Email this form to Latoya.H.Lewis@lonestar.edu.

Once the courses are built, we will email you the section and class numbers that you will need for the student registration forms.

Course Placement Information

To enroll in dual credit courses, students must show college readiness in reading, writing, and/or math as applicable to the course(s) the student plans to take.  All students in Texas public colleges are required to demonstrate college readiness through the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), which is a state program designed to promote student success by assessing students' academic skills through the TSI Assessment (TSIA).  Students may either take the TSIA or show scores from other accepted assessments approved for placement. Approved assessments are the TSIA, ACT, and SAT.

Please note that Math placement scores are used for enrollment in freshman college-level Math courses, such as Math 1314, 1324, 1332, and 1342. Additional Math placement scores may be required for students requesting Math courses higher than the college-level freshman Math courses providing he/she has met the college readiness standard in Math as defined by the Texas Success Initiative. Furthermore, math placement scores may be used for enrollment in courses in other disciplines as in the Sciences.?

To learn more about TSI and Approved Assessment Scores, click here.

Testing Resources


The Registration Season

Filling in the Registration Workbook

Every semester, you will receive a link to a Registration Workbook. The workbook will have a several worksheets: the first will be a Registration Status sheet where you will list all students taking dual credit for the semester. There will also be a Class Registration sheets in the workbook for EACH class you are offering for the semester.  The video below takes you through how to fill in and interpret the information in the Registration Workbook.

Click here to access the template that is used in the video.  The first sheet in the template has all of the instructions for you.

Registration Forms

In addition to filling in the spreadsheet above, you must also turn in Registration Forms (see above) for all of your students.  

All of these forms can be turned in during an Application Day or a Registration Form Pick Up Day.  In the event that the forms need to be sent electronically, they can be sent to TC-DCForms@lonestar.edu.

Resources for the Registration Process

Dropping Dual Credit Students

?If a student chooses to withdraw from a dual credit college course, he or she must meet with their high school counselor FIRST. The high school counselor can assist the student in withdrawing from the college side of a dual credit course.  The student must complete and submit an official college Withdrawal Form at LSC prior to the college's last official date for withdrawal.  Failure to do so could result in the student receiving an "F" on his/her official LSC transcript. The student will also need to work with the high school counselor to enroll in the appropriate high school course.  Access the drop form here:  Dual Credit Drop Form and email it to TC-DCForms@lonestar.edu.  You shold email the drop form by the Withdrawal date.  

Other Useful Resources