Center for Civic Engagement

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Get Involved at Lone Star College

Civic engagement means promoting the quality of life in a community through both political and nonpolitical processes. It teaches many different executive skills such as: grit, self-control, zest, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism, and curiosity. These skills aid students well into the future as they finish degrees and enter the workforce.

Whether a student is looking to transfer to a four-year university or looking to joining the workforce after attending Lone Star College, being involved in civic activities help prepare them for life after Lone Star College.

Engage the Election

The Engage the Election initiative encourages the Lone Star College community to host engaging events through which both students and the community can have an open, civil dialogue surrounding issues during an election year.
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  • Participation - We will identify and create opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to become actively involved in a project or program of activity.
  • Advocacy - We will empower others to act to protect an asset of interest to their community.
  • Social Justice - We will work to ensure the fair distribution of advantages, assets, and benefits among all members of a society.
  • Sustainability - We will promote social and environmental practices that protect and enhance the human and natural resources needed by future generations to enjoy a quality of life equal to or greater than our own.

Leadership Committee

Dr. John Theis

Seth Howard
Assistant Director

Dr. John Duerk
Campus Coordinator at LSC-CyFair

Dana Morales
Campus Coordinator at LSC-Montgomery

Erika Herrera
Campus Coordinator at LSC-North Harris

Clark Friesen
Campus Coordinator at LSC-Tomball,

Cassandra Khatri
Campus Coordinator at LSC-University Park

Dr. Zach Coapland
Vice President of Student Success at LSC-University Park