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Computed Tomography Advanced Technical Certificate

The Computed Tomography Certificate (C4_CTM4) is offered at LSC-Montgomery and has additional entrance requirements.

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Application Deadlines

The application period for the Spring 2017 Computed Tomography Cohort Admission is now open through 5pm Monday, October 31, 2016. Apply

Program Description

Computed Tomography is an advanced radiographic imaging modality that utilizes highly collimated fan- shaped x-ray beam and array of radiation detectors to produce cross-sectional images of human body structures and organs needed by physicians for diagnostic purposes. Computed tomographic images can be reconstructed in various anatomical orientations to demonstrate image details that allow for better visualization of pathology, diagnostic analysis, and radiologic interpretations.

Lone Star College – Montgomery Computed Tomography Certificate program curriculum consists of 5 courses totaling 16 credit hours, which are offered in one semester. The didactic education courses (8 credit hours) are offered at the Montgomery campus in the evenings, while the clinical education courses (8 credit hours) are provided at affiliated clinical sites. The curriculum is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge in computed tomography physics, equipment operation and methodology, cross-sectional anatomy, patient care, and also develop CT imaging skills, which give Medical Radiologic Technology (MRT) graduates an employment edge and increased career mobility. 

The Computed Tomography Certificate program is housed with the current AAS degree program in Medical Radiologic Technology at the Division of Natural Sciences and Health Profession (NASH), in Building B.

(Prerequisites: AAS degree, ARRT Certification, and admission into the CT Certificate Program)

Program Plan

First Semester Courses

Subject Number Title Credits
CTMT 2336 Computed Tomography Equipment and Methodology 3
RADR 2240 Sectional Anatomy for Medical Imaging 2
CTMT 1391 Special Topics in Computed Tomography Technology/Technician (Registry Preparation Seminar) 3
CTMT 2460 Clinical - Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiographer 4
CTMT 2461 Clinical - Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiographer 4

TOTAL Credits for First Semester:


Total Credits

TOTAL Credits for
Computed Tomography Advanced Technical Certificate: