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LSC-Tomball 25th Anniversary

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May 10, 2014
LSC-Tomball History
Did you know a special bill (known as 'The Tomball Bill') was passed by the Texas legislature to allow for the election that brought the community into the college district? Read more about
LSC-Tomball's History.
Lone Star College-Tomball held its first classes in 1988 and has since enjoyed an ever-expanding range of offerings for local students as well as an ever-growing relationship with the community it serves.

In 2013, LSC-Tomball celebrates its 25th anniversary with a year's worth of remembrances and celebrations. The goal of these events is not only to recognize how far the college has come over the last quarter of a century, but also to reinvigorate its purpose and prepare the entire college family for another 25 years of successful service.

Day of Service

On two days in the fall, LSC-Tomball students and employees flooded the Tomball and Magnolia area with volunteers. In partnership with various service organizations in the community, the LSC-Tomball family gave back by spending time and lending a hand at local charitable venues and in the county's parks.

LSC-Tomball 25th Anniversary Cookbook

The LSC-Tomball 25th Anniversary Committee is putting together a cookbook full of recipes submitted by members of both the college community as well as the Greater Tomball and Magnolia areas. If you have a recipe you'd like to submit, please use the form on our Recipe Submission Page

25th Anniversary Celebration Choral Concert

In honor of LSC-Tomballís 25th Anniversary, the LSC-Tomball Music Department wanted to inspire the spirit of community through song. So, it hosted the 25th Anniversary Celebration Choral Concert on November 13. A specially-formed anniversary choir comprised of students and employees performed works by classical composers such as Buxtehude, Beethoven, and Brahms, as well as music from the 1980s - the time of LSC-Tomball's founding - and inspiring music traversing style and era. 

Founder's Day

To commemorate the groundbreaking of the college, the LSC-Tomball 25th Anniversary Celebration committee hosted Founder's Day on November 19. Founding employees, college retirees, as well as state and local dignitaries were in attendance to remember the college's history and to look forward to the college's exciting future.

Holiday Fest

Lone Star College-Tomballís annual Holiday Fest is a community event during which the campus is transformed into a decorative, festive land, full of indoor and outdoor activities, including childrenís games and crafts, bounce houses, live entertainment, special guest appearances, community group activities, hay rides, and train rides. Best of all, children will be able to meet and take a photo with the guest of honor, Santa Claus. This year's event took place December 6.

LSC-Tomball Wall of Memories

Do you have a particularly fond memory of your experience at LSC-Tomball (or Tomball College) over the years? Share it with us and we will add it to our Online Wall of Memories. You can submit your thoughts using the online form below or you can send an email

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