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Coronavirus Update

All LSC facilities remain closed through April 30. Classes being moved to online resume April 13. Click here to see which classes will be moved to online and which remain face to face. Fall 2020 registration begins April 15.

Find important student resources and learn more about how LSC is responding to COVID-19 here.


Guidelines for Planning Your Courseload

Credit Hour Guidelines

Full-Time 12 - 18 hrs
3/4 Time 9 - 11 hrs
Half-Time 6 - 8 hrs
Student Loan Minimum 6 hrs
Maximum Load* 18 hrs

*  Permission to enroll in academic overload granted by vice president of instruction at each college.

Course Load Guidelines

6 credit hours 40 hours
9 credit hours 30 hours
12 credit hours 20 hours
14-15 credit hours 10 hours or less

Study Guidelines

Students are encouraged to plan in two hours of study time per credit hour into their semester schedules. The following would apply to a full-time student (12 credit hours):

12 hours in class x 2 hours of study = 24 hours of study
12 hours in class + 24 hours of study = 36 hours of class and study

Important Fact:

Overloading work / school hours is the #1 reason students do poorly, have to drop their classes and lose their money, or find themselves on academic probation or suspension!

Policies and Procedures

Repeat Course Policy
Schedule Changes and Withdrawals
University Rebates and Excess Hours Rule
Six Drop Course Limit - Important New Law!

Please contact an Academic Advisor or Counselor if you have questions regarding any of this information.

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