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Meet the Experts

Our experts are handpicked. Not only leaders in their field with years of experience, they excel in teaching and passing their knowledge onto others.

Photo of Linda Head

Linda Head
Associate Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Corporate Partnerships

Photo of Patricia Harakal

Patricia Harakal
Executive Director, Corporate College Operations, Implementation and Grants

Photo of Teneea Tate

Teneea Tate
Director, Corporate College Sales

Photo of Tina Dealy

Tina Dealy
Director, Corporate College Workskills Trades

Photo of Mike Branch

Mike Branch
Lead Workskills Instructor - Machining

Photo of James Ward

James Ward
Lead Workskills Instructor - Oil & Gas

Photo of Richard Larson

Richard Larson
Executive Director, Houston Areas Construction Education Collaborative (HACEC)

Photo of Jim Nutt

Jim Nutt
Director, Corporate College Skills Development Grants

Photo of Mike Hunley

Mike Hunley
Corporate Instructor

Photo of Henry Der Antonian

Henry Der Antonian
Corporate Instructor

Photo of Brian Beauchene

Brian Beauchene
Corporate Instructor

Photo of Hubert Hillman

Hubert Hillman
Corporate Instructor

Photo of Robert Snyder

Robert Snyder
Corporate Instructor