Technical Lab Design

Need to build a training lab?

As a provider of 100’s of training stations and labs on multiple sites across Lone Star College’s diverse campuses and helping companies and organizations around the world provide learning labs. We will help you design the lab, scope the technology to be used, and develop the vendor relationships to create a learning environment.

We help you determine your needs by analyzing the training solution right for you.

  • Acknowledge and plan for future program enhancements or existing constraints by an analysis of your company’s technology capabilities and employee expectations before committing to a budget.
  • Realism allows employees to not only experience role play in various work settings, but practice the role in an environment that includes current technology and incorporates best practices for job safety and work environment.
  • Sophistication in monitoring systems will greatly influence instructor observation requirements. Additionally, when these tools are used, power needs, sound and lighting controls must also be considered.
  • Design debrief rooms will be located in close proximity to the lab itself for efficiency, and be designed as intimate spaces to allow for engaged learning.
  • Plans can include flexible space, and multi-use space. To plan for core support space, which can be built for a much lower cost than the permanent training environment, allows for the expensive spaces to be used at their maximum capacity.
  • Designed to help end users to learn and succeed in learning.
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