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Dental Hygiene-BS TWU-Dual Enrollment Program

Texas Woman’s University partnered with Lone Star College-Kingwood in April 2015 to create an opportunity for students accepted into the LSC-Kingwood Dental Hygiene Program. Dual enrollment means that students will be taking courses from both institutions in a melded curriculum. The goal is to allow students’ the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree, while simultaneously completing the Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene degree at the Lone Star College-Kingwood Dental Hygiene Program.

If a student wants to pursue a BS degree in Dental Hygiene while attending Lone Star College-Kingwood the opportunity is available; however, the student MUST BE ACCEPTED into the LSC-Kingwood Dental Hygiene Program.

To pursue the BS degree track a student would need to get their AAS or AAA degree from Lone Star College or another college. The student must be core complete. What this means is you would take courses toward the AAS or AAA degree prior to applying for the Dental Hygiene Program. If a student is accepted into the LSC-Kingwood Dental Hygiene program and is core complete, he or she will automatically be accepted into the Texas Woman’s University Bachelor of Science Degree program, if one chooses that degree track.

The dual enrollment program is not for everyone. The dual enrollment program with Texas Woman’s University is online and requires a student to be enrolled in 14-16 hours a semester. This is the same number of hours a BS degree program requires of all students. The courses are taught via distance education. Depending on the course, it may be taught totally online, or by interactive video conferencing between the two sites. The courses are blended together with the dental hygiene courses offered at the AAS site. With that being said, the program is a full-time commitment, about the same as a full-time job. It is recommended that you consider not working, if at all possible, and commit all efforts to your dental hygiene education.

Please visit the LSC-Kingwood and TWU website, which provides great information on taking online/distance courses and provides students information on what it takes to be successful in an online course. This website also provides an online assessment, SmarterMeasure, to help you determine if you can be successful in the online learning environment.

Guide for Taking Online Courses


We hope that you will consider this opportunity to advance your degree, thus broadening your potential as a professional dental hygienist. If you want to learn more about the roles offered in dental hygiene please visit the American Dental Hygienists’ Association website.

The following articulation guide provides the student necessary courses taken prior to starting the BS degree with Texas Woman’s University.

Lone Star College and Texas Woman’s University


Program-to-Program Articulation Guide
Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene (LSC Course Numbers)


This curriculum is designed for students accepted in the Dental Hygiene Program at Lone Star College-Kingwood in pursuit of an Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene who wish to simultaneously pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Texas Woman’s University. These courses have been designed to blend with and enhance the LSC AAS-DH curriculum and allow decreased time necessary to the BSDH degree.

Additional Requirements include completion of the Texas core at LSC and completion of TWU graduation requirements.

Suggested Pre-Entry Curriculum

First Year at LSC

Fall   Hours Spring   Hours
BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I 4 BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric 3 ENGL 1302 Composition II 3
HIST 1301 US History I 3 HIST 1302 US History II 3
PSYC  2301 General Psychology 3 PHED 1164 Introduction to Exercise & Wellness 1

Second Year at LSC

Fall   Hours Spring   Hours
BIOL 2420 Microbiology 4 CHEM 1405 Chemistry 4
SOCI 1301 Principles of Sociology 3 TBD Creative arts 3
MATH 1342 Statistics 3 BIOL 1322 Nutrition 3
GOVT  2305 US Government 3 GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
PHIL 2306 Introduction to Ethics 3 Speech 1318 Interpersonal Communication 3

Required Entry-Level Professional Program Curriculum

Third Year (Bolded courses are TWU)

Fall   Hours Spring   Hours
DHYG 1431 Preclinical Dental Hygiene 4 DHYG 1260 Clinical Dental Hygiene I 2
DHYG 1304 Dental Radiography 3 DHYG 2201 Dental Hygiene Care I 2
DHYG 1203 Preventive Dental Hygiene Care 2 DHYG 1235 Pharmacology 2
DHYG 1201 Orofacial Anat, Hist, & Embryology 2 DH 3502 Process of Care II 2
DH 3303 Process of Care I 3 DH 3522 Oral Medicine I 2
DH 3311 Professionalism and Ethics 1 DH 3543 Periodontal Disease I 3
      DH 3521 Cariology 1

Mini Semester

Mini Semester   Hours Summer   Hours
DHYG 1219 Dental Materials 2 DH 4713 Applied Dental Hygiene Research 3
      DH 4723 General and Oral Pathology 3
      DHYG 1160 Clinical Dental Hygiene II 1

Fourth Year (Bolded courses are TWU)

Fall   Hours Spring   Hours
DHYG 2362 Clinical Dental Hygiene III [UL Block] 3 DHYG 2363 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV [UL Block] 3
DHYG 2231 Dental Hygiene Care II 2 DHYG 2153 Dental Hygiene Practice 1
DH 4302 Process of Care III 2 DHYG 1215 Community Dentistry 2
DH 4322 Oral Medicine II 2 DH 4501 Process of Care IV 1
DH 4342 Periodontal Disease II 2 DH 4513 Alternative Dental Hygiene Practice 3
      DH 4533 Oral Health Worldview 3
  • Total hours transferred from LSC: 90
  • Total hours at TWU: 30
  • Total Hours in degree: 120