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Dual Credit


Dual Credit is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to earn high school and college credit simultaneously.  Students demonstrating college readiness through a college placement exam can earn college and high school credits in the same course by attending classes at their high school, on a Lone Star campus, and/or online.

We partner with independent school districts, charter schools, private schools, and home school parents to offer courses in the core curriculum, foreign languages, and workforce education.


Transfer many dual credit courses to Texas public colleges and universities, private institutions, and some out-of-state colleges and universities.

Save money on college tuition – dual credit students receive a 100% tuition waiver. The tuition waiver does not cover fees and textbooks.

Accelerate time to degree completion by getting a head start in college – dual credit students can earn up to a year or more of college credit.

Build confidence by easing the transition to college.

Access the Lone Star College student support services – library, career services, computer labs, and tutoring.

Dual Credit Opportunities at Lone Star

We partner with independent school districts, charter schools, private schools, and home school parents to offer dual credit courses.

Courses are offered in the core curriculum, foreign languages, and workforce education.  These courses are divided into two groups: Academic and Workforce.

Academic courses are designed primarily to apply to transfer, Associate of Arts (AA), or Associate of Science (AS) degrees.  Core curriculum and foreign language courses are academic. These courses are all part of the Texas Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM).  

Workforce courses are designed to apply to Workforce Certificates and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees.  These courses are all part of the Texas Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM).   A full list of dual credit course offerings by LSC campus and school district, including whether each course is academic or workforce, can be found here. For information about courses available for private, charter, or home school dual credit, contact us.

Disability Services and Accommodations

All students enrolled in classes at Lone Star College who intend to request academic accommodations must register with their college Disability Services Office or the Office of Accessibility at System Office. This includes students who enroll in dual credit classes.

Dual Credit classes are not remedial and course work must reflect college-level work customarily required of all students at the same college level. All Dual Credit Students must complete the same quality of work as any college student, regardless of their disability. Course modifications will not be allowed, but individual accommodations, as appropriate, will be implemented just as they would in an on-site LSC course.

The Office of Civil Rights recognizes that postsecondary institutions have the prerogative to define their educational programs and the College does not have to change, lower, waive, or eliminate essential academic requirements, nor must the College modify any policy, practice, or procedure, where the modification would fundamentally alter the nature of the program. Appropriate accommodations will be determined, based on disability and individual needs, through interactive meetings with the LSC Disability Service Provider. The Dual Credit instructor, even if employed by an Independent School District (ISD), is expected to follow the same requirements as any other Lone Star College faculty member.