Dual Credit


Dual credit is part of the Lone Star College System's exceptional admissions program, designed specifically for high school juniors and seniors ready for college-level instruction.  Students who demonstrate college readiness on a placement exam can earn college and required high school credits simultaneously by attending classes at their high school, through a Lone Star College campus, or online. For an overview of the dual credit program, please view our dual credit brochure.

Workforce Dual Credit is designed to allow high school students to enroll in LSCS credit workforce programs and receive high school credit for career and technical classes. Students who participate in these classes/programs will graduate high school with career skills and in many cases, a certification approving them for employment in their industry. Please check with your local college campus to see whether or not you can take advantage of this opportunity.


  • Cost savings...students get a jumpstart on their college education, accelerating their time to a college degree AND a high school diploma! 
  • Studies show that dual credit increases the likelihood that a student will complete high school and enroll in and persist in college.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to transition to college while still having additional support at school and/or home.
  • Many of the classes are fully transferable to public colleges or universities in Texas, and some are accepted by out-of-state and private colleges.   
  • Allows students the opportunity to start on their postsecondary learning opportunities while completing their required courses for high school graduation! Grades received in dual credit courses are part of the student's permanent college record.

Students who are interested in taking courses at Lone Star College for high school credit should talk to their high school guidance counselors to get approval before proceeding through the registration process.

Instructional Methods

Dual credit courses are offered in a variety of methods in order to meet any learner's needs. 

  • Face-to-Face 
  • Online
  • Hybrid (a combination of instructional methods where a student completes a fully online dual credit course in a traditional lab environment made available by a participating school district)

Fully Online Dual Credit

  • College credit courses that students can attend online 24/7
  • Courses that are fully aligned to college course outcomes and high school course objectives (i.e., TEKS)  and provide students with both high school and college credit simultaneously 
  • Classes transfer to most major Texas public universities, see our transfer guides
  • Provides students the flexibility to accelerate their time to both a high school and/or college degree
  • Specially trained college faculty for dual credit online instruction
  • Student Support 
    blue check mark Increased interaction between students, school district partners, and college faculty via chat, instant message, email, phone, or discussion forums
    blue check mark Advising support available at local college campuses
    (link to advising contacts under advising tab)
    blue check mark Computer technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days
    a week
    blue check mark Analytics identify specific areas to be improved, then automatically refer students to appropriate modules for reinforcement and/or tutorial assistance

Fully online courses available:

 ENGL 1301

 ENGL 2322 

 ENGL 1302 

 ENGL 2323 

 GOVT 2305 

 MATH 1314

 ECON 2301 

 MATH 1316

 HIST 1301

 MATH 2412

 HIST 1302

 PSYC 2301

Transfer & Transcripts

Many dual credit courses will transfer to many of the public four-year universities in Texas. View our transfer guides for additional information on transferability. You may also request a transcript online.

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