The Engage the Election initiative encourages the Lone Star College community to host engaging events through which both students and the community can have an open, civil dialogue surrounding issues during an election year. While elections for the executive branch garner the bulk of the public’s and media’s attention,  the Center for Civic Engagement recognizes that citizens’ need information regarding all elections and that often it is the state and local races that will have the biggest impact on their day to day lives. Therefore, the Center for Civic Engagement works to engage the community by hosting candidate forums, voter registrar trainings, and voter registration drives to involve citizens in all elections.


The Center for Civic Engagement, in partnership with Democracy Works, is excited to introduce TurboVote to Lone Star College. We are making it easier for you to be engaged in the election process by receiving text message alerts on when the election is taking place as well as other Election Day information.

All you have to do is go to TurboVote and sign up!

After you have filled out the registration form online and submitted it, you will receive the registration form in the mail pre-stamped and you will then mail it off. From there, you will receive your registration card in the mail and text message alerts from TurboVote!

If you are already registered, just sign up on TurboVote to receive text alerts of upcoming elections and your polling place.

Additional Resources

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