English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Departments

Welcome to the ESOL departments of Lone Star College! You can use your ESOL courses toward an Associate of Arts academic degree and workforce programs. Find out how!


Contacting the ESOL Department

  • The department director's office is your primary source for all program, course and transfer questions.
  • The department director approves all coursework exceptions and prior learning experiences for credit courses toward your degree or certificate.
  • CE-to-Credit linked courses can also be verified by contacting the department director or dean.

LSC-CyFair Contacts

LSC-CyFair ESOL Department

Name Phone Office
Jessica Hernandez
ESOL Advisor


Rebecca Royer
Department Chair
281.290.5927 Rebecca.A.Royer@LoneStar.edu TECH 216J
Jason LaPres
281.290.3986 Jason.H.LaPres@LoneStar.edu CASA 114D

LSC-Kingwood Contacts

LSC-Kingwood ESOL Department

Name Phone Office
Masoud Shafiei
ESOL Program Director

281.312.1578 Shafieim@LoneStar.edu
CLB 113
James Stubbs
Dean of Fire Science, Letters, Arts & Kinesiology (FLAK)
281.312.1730 James.D.Stubbs@LoneStar.edu PAC 117A

LSC-Montgomery Contacts

LSC-Montgomery ESOL Department

Name Phone Office
Romana Cortese
Department Chair
936.273.7484 Romana.Cortese@LoneStar.edu G121-G
Brandy Harvey
936.271.6155 Brandy.A.Harvey@LoneStar.edu G120-B

LSC-North Harris Contacts

LSC-North Harris ESOL Department

Name Phone Office
Margaret Ghazi
281.765.7822 Margaret.E.Ghazi@LoneStar.edu SSB-108
Colin Ward
Department Chair
281.618.5497 Colin.S.Ward@LoneStar.edu ACAD-221I

LSC-Tomball Contacts

LSC-Tomball ESOL Deparment

Name Phone Office
Donna Willingham
Department Chair
281.401.1806 Donna.D.Willingham@LoneStar.edu N 211 E
Mindy Coleman
Dean, Instruction
281.351.3347 Mindy.A.Coleman@LoneStar.edu E 102D

LSC-University Park Contacts

Name Phone Office
Brian Reeves
Department Chair
281.290.3749 Brian.Reeves@LoneStar.edu B13.814
Mark Curtis-Chavez
281.290.2862 Mark.Curtis-Chaves@LoneStar.edu  B13.818
Irina Nizova
281.290.3739 Irina.N.Nizova@LoneStar.edu  B13.805
Madhulika Tandon
281.290.2938  Madhulika.Tandon@lonestar.edu B13.508