Firefighter Certification Course August 2014 - May 2015

1.  You must first apply at LSC-CyFair through the online application process. You must see an academic advisor on campus to ensure you have met eligibility requirements.

You must complete the following course options before the academy begins:
A. ENGL 0305 - Developmental Reader 2 or higher level course AND
B. ENGL 0307 or ENGL 0356 - Developmental Writing 2 or a higher level course
C. NREMT or TDSHS EMT-B (Highly recommended but not required)


Satisfactory scores on placement exams. Your scores must be approved by the advisor before you register.  If your scores are not within the acceptable range you can also take above noted English courses to fulfill the requirements.  This is subject to advisor approval.  These courses must be completed during the summer semester and before the fall academy.  English requirements must be met before you start any of our Firefighter Certification Courses. You may register before completing the English requirements, but if the requirements are not met, you forfeit your spot within the academy.

2. Once an advisor has verified your eligibility to enter the program, you will be allowed to register for the following fall academy classes. (You must register for all classes listed below.)

First Semester (Fall 2014)


 Course Number   Title  Credit Hours
 FIRS  1301  Firefighter Certification I  3
 FIRS  1407  Firefighter Certification II  4
 FIRS  1313  Firefighter Certification III  3
 FIRS  1319  Firefighter Certification IV  3
 FIRT  1171  Firefighter Agility & Fitness Prep  1
     SEMESTER  1 TOTAL  14

Second Semester (Spring 2015)

   Course Number  Title  Credit Hours
 FIRS  1423  Firefighter Certification V  4
 FIRS  1329  Firefighter Certification VI  3
 FIRS 1433  Firefighter Certification VII     4
 FIRT  2171  Firefighter Agility & Fitness Prep II    1









3.  Acceptance of the Lone Star College-CyFair Firefighter Academy requires that you be declared physically fit by your doctor. The required physical examination form, including immunization verification, is included with this information package. These forms must be submitted to the Fire Academy Secretary by the first week of July 2014.

4.  Recruits are selected on a first come, first serve basis. There are limited slots. Registration for the fall academy will begin in early April 2014. Enrollment is limited to 35 students for the day class and 30 students for the night class.

5.  General Physical Fitness Recommendations:

     • Must be able to run 2 miles in under 18 minutes.
     • Must be able to lift heavy objects, approximately 150 pounds.
     • Fully participate in a required physical agility course while attending the academy.
     • Be in good general health.
     • Weight in proportion to height.
     • Turn in completed physical examination form signed by your doctor. Due by the first week of July 2014. (Form is to be returned to ESEC staff)

6.  Mandatory Orientation Sessions will be scheduled for July 2014, with the dates to be announced in June 2014.  There will be two sessions scheduled, one at 3:00pm and the other at 6:00pm.  You must attend at least one session. At these sessions, recruits will be able to purchase uniforms and be fitted for fire fighter gear rental.

7.  The approximate cost of the academy is as followed:  


Tuition (in-district)  

$ 975.00-Fall, $1100.00-Spring

Tuition (out-of-district)  

$ 2,000.00-Fall, $ 2,000.00-Spring


$ 350.00


$ 275.00

Running Shoes

$ 85.00

Fire Fighter gear rental (9 months)*

$ 750.00 (price subject to change)

*Your own NFPA Structural Firefighting Gear may be used upon our approval.

Fire Commission Testing Fees                                                                                        $ 85.00

Background Check                                                                                                        $ 35,00


Click here for important information for Volunteer Firefighters regarding Tuition



LSC-CyFair at Barker Cypress Campus
The CyFair Firefighter/EMT Academy will start the last week in August 2014 and runs for two (2) semesters, ending the first week in May 2015. (approximately nine months)

Fall Semester
• Day Academy : Monday-Thursday from 8:00am-4:00pm
• Night Academy : Monday-Thursday from 5:00pm-11:00pm
Spring Semester
• Day Academy : Tuesday - Thursday from 8:00am-4:00pm Firefighter Training
• Night Academy : Tuesday - Thursday from 5:00pm-11:30pm Firefighter Training

Click Here to download this information in printable format

Click here to download a copy of the Academy physical form

Financial Aid
Financial Aid is available for students.  The four most common types of aid are grants, loans, scholarships and work-study. Visit the Lone Star College–CyFair Financial Aid Department to learn more.  The office is located in CASA Building at LSC-CyFair.  They can be reached by phone at 281-290-3200.  Information may also be requested at  

The websites below are also excellent sources of information about financial aid.

Veteran Affairs
The Veteran Affairs office is located in CASA Building at LSC-CyFair.
Phone: (281) 290-3200

Workforce Solutions
Susan Dixon 
Phone: (281) 644-1030 ext. 3005