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The Health Information Technology AAS (AAS_HINT) is offered at LSC-North Harris and has additional entrance requirements. For more information, please contact the Health Information Technology Department.

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Program Description

The health information technology (HIT) associate of applied science degree is designed to prepare graduates for entry level employment as health information technicians. The associate of applied science degree program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education Program accreditation allows AAS degree graduates to apply for certification examination to become Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT).

Registered health information technicians perform technical medical record functions vital to the operation of the organization, including analyzing, coding, and health record evaluation. Registered health information technicians process, maintain, complete and report health information data for reimbursement, facility planning, marketing, risk management, utilization management, quality assessment and research. Graduates may be employed in a variety of settings including hospitals, health maintenance organizations, and other health care facilities.

The general education core will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities. Contact a counselor or faculty member at any of the colleges/universities for specific information and to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses.

To meet graduation requirements for any of the certificate or degree programs in the health information technology department, students must attain a grade of “C” or better in each major and general education course. Courses with grades less than a “C” must be repeated.

Admission Criteria For AAS Degree

In order to be considered for admission to the HIT program, students must pass the Texas Success Initiative. Unless students are TSI exempt, they must take the TSI Assessment and receive college-level placement in reading, writing, and completion of MATH 0310 or higher. Students must submit an application that can be found on the college’s website under the HIT department. Prospective students may submit the form online or pick one up one up at Lone Star North Harris Winship 174 and bring the completed packet to the department. Applications are accepted from May 1st to July 30 for fall entry into the program. Students wishing to begin the program at any other time besides the fall may take some of the support classes or prerequisites for the program such as BIOL 2401 Human Anatomy and Physiology I or HITT 1305 Medical Terminology.

Applicants seeking admission into the health information technology AAS degree program and must successfully pass a criminal background check. A drug screen may also be required based on terms of our clinical affiliation agreement. Information on approved vendors will be provided by the program director. Students may be required to show proof of immunizations such as tetanus and MMR (mumps, measles, rubella). Students may also be required to document negative results from a tuberculosis test. Applicants must cover the cost of the background check, immunizations and drug screen if required by clinical affiliates.

First Year Credits

First Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
BIOL 2401 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
HITT 1305 Medical Terminology I 3
HITT 1301 Health Data Content & Structure 3
ENGL 1301 Composition & Rhetoric I 3

TOTAL First Semester Credits:


Second Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
BIOL 2402 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Communication 3
HITT 1345 Health Care Delivery Systems 3
HITT 1253 Legal & Ethical Aspects of Health Information 2
HITT 1255 Health Care Statistics 2

TOTAL Second Semester Credits:


Third Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
HITT 1260 Clinical - Health Information/Medical Records Technology/Technician 2
Elective1   Humanities/Fine Arts 3
PSYC 2301 General Psychology OR 3
SOCI 1301 Principles of Sociology  

TOTAL Third Semester Credits:


Second Year Credits

First Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
HPRS 2301 Pathophysiology 3
HITT 1341 Coding & Classification Systems 3
HITT 1211 Health Information Systems 2
HITT 1342 Ambulatory Coding 3
HITT 2343 Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement 3

TOTAL First Semester Credits:


Second Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
HITT 2346 Advanced Medical Coding 3
HITT 2239 Health Info Organization & Supervision 2
HITT 2335 Coding & Reimbursement Methods 3
HITT 2149 RHIT Competency Review 1
HITT2 2260 Clinical - Medical Records Technology Technician 2

TOTAL Second Semester Credits:


Total Credits

TOTAL Credits for
Health Information Technology AAS Degree:


  1. Choose from the AAS Core
  2. Capstone experience course: students meet 38 hrs/week for 5 1/2 weeks
    (equivalent to 12 hrs/week for 16 weeks)