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Industry partners provide resources that are vital to LSBI’s mission of preparing students to meet workforce demands. Listed below are some of the ways you can help us. Please contact us at 936-273-7060 should you be interested in supplying any of the following.

Equipment Donation

Before tossing that piece of equipment that is not “state of the art,” consider donating it to LSBI. Also, if you have equipment that is essential to your operation, you may consider supplying such to the program to ensure that students are adequately trained for their position at your company. Biotechnology is in large measure about equipment, and the more technology the program has, the better-trained students will be for working in your company.


LSBI frequently gets calls from schools and community representatives for speakers. Presentations from those working in industry provide a valuable perspective and insight. Should you have someone that you wish to add to our speaker list, please contact us.

High School Outreach

In order to have an adequate biotechnology workforce, it is imperative to begin recruitment and education at the high school level. LSBI has many high school initiatives, including helping to establish biotechnology clubs, providing speakers, and presentations at career day activities. Additionally, any promotional items or donations towards biotechnology club activities would be appreciated.

Internship Sites

Student and faculty internships are an important aspect of providing the industry with well-trained workers. Internships allow direct contact with individuals who will be working in the biotechnology field. Faculty internships offer an opportunity for companies to demonstrate exactly how they operate and what their needs are to individuals who will be training future employees. Internships may be offered on a paid or non-paid basis.


Workforce analysis shows that in order for biotechnology to have an adequate workforce that recruitment and support of under-represented students is necessary. Scholarships to deserving and needy students are one of the best ways to ensure allegiance to your company and this area.

Special Skills Training

The biotechnology field is one of rapid advancement and industry is place this happens. Special skills training for faculty and students may be an area where you would like to consider participating.

Workforce Recruiting

Necessary steps to building a workforce are educating the public about biotechnology and the opportunities within the field. The involvement of specific companies in career days, job shows, and other workforce activities both educates and recruits for the industry. By participating in workforce activities you not only advertise for your company, but also educate the public regarding the variety of options within the field.

On-Site Tours

An on-site tour provides graphic insight into the world of biotechnology. Tours provide you with the opportunity to highlight your company as well as industry. Please let us know if you would be willing to work with LSBI to coordinate tours and any special qualifications you may have.

Grant Partners

LSBI is currently seeking grant funding to recruit students to the biotechnology workforce, support students during their internship program, provide workforce analysis from which to develop an innovative curriculum, and offer biotechnology training to high school teachers students. Industry support is essential to obtaining grants with any degree of workforce involvement, and beneficial for all biotech educational grants.