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All classes are cancelled beginning at 3:00 pm today. Normal schedule will resume on Saturday.  


Promotes campus events and programs to internal and external audiences through news releases, tickers on campus LED signs, advertisements, coordination with local newspapers, and other community outreach efforts.

Lead Time Required

A minimum of four weeks is needed to write press releases or promote/event. Six weeks is preferred.

Promotion of Events & Speakers

All events or programs that need to be promoted must first be submitted electronically. Download and submit a publicity request form at www.lonestar.edu/kingwood-relations-forms. The form will be emailed to Roycelyn Bastian, media relations coordinator at Roycelyn.J.Bastian@LoneStar.edu. Forms can also be faxed to 281-312-1561. Please make certain that the form is received preferably six weeks in advance. This will allow for proper media scheduling, interviewing and other necessary arrangements that need to be made in order for the event to be properly promoted. For further clarification, contact Roycelyn Bastian for guidance. Please adhere to these procedures and NOT contact media outlets directly.

The College Relations Department will do everything possible to effectively promote the event/speaker. However, the department cannot guarantee that the event/speaker will appear in area newspapers. The department will attempt to submit photos/cutlines (information identifying the photo) in the absence of information.

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Press Releases

If an article should be submitted, first think about news interest. Is this information something that the community will want to know? Second, is it something that the newspapers will want to print? Remember, what some believe may be newsworthy, may NOT be newsworthy to media outlets.And finally, requests to take photos of students in classrooms are encouraged, that is, if they're doing something 'visually appealing'. The College Relations Department receives numerous requests, but often times, newspapers will NOT print photos because they do not have 'mass appeal.' Please consider action shots of students doing something unusual as these make better photos and increase the possibility of being printed. If photos are taken that clearly identifies a student, that student MUST sign a model release form. Download a model release at LSC-Kingwood College Relations Forms.

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Electronic Signs

Email Roycelyn Bastian, media relations coordinator at Roycelyn.J.Bastian@LoneStar.edu to upload information on the LED signs. Most of the information used on the digital signage comes from information in the events calendar. Please submit the request as soon as the details are set.

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Schedule Rooms

Please contact Laura Codner, coordinator of rooms and facilities at 281-312-1414 or via email at Laura.A.Codner@LoneStar.edu.

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Promoting Internal Events

The media relations coordinator typically promotes events/speakers that have been highlighted in LSC-Kingwood's Calendar of Events. Check the online calendar and contact Roycelyn Bastian if the information has changed.

If a poster or other printed documents to promote the event are required, please send the necessary information (who, what, where, when, and why) including photos to Pam Clarke in Designs in Print. She and the interns will design an appropriate poster and will forward it to the campus television station to be placed on campus-wide electronic monitors. Pam Clarke can be reached via email at Pamela.R.Clarke@LoneStar.edu or by phone at 281-312-1450. Please be advised that hallway monitors require a two-week lead time.

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Events and More Calendar Submissions

Please email all upcoming events to Roycelyn Bastian prior to May 1 each year to be included in the printed calendar. If an event is submitted after the calendar has been printed, please still email the event and it will be published in the bathroom calendar, online calendar and LED signs.

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LED Monitors on Kingwood Drive & in the Courtyard

Please submit events to Roycelyn Bastian. Only community events are published on the LED sign located on Kingwood Drive. All events (internal and external) are published on the courtyard LED sign.

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Order Slicks

Please contact Roycelyn Bastian at Roycelyn.J.Bastian@LoneStar.edu to order or edit a department's slick. Due to budget concerns, slicks are ordered in bulk once to twice a year.

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Campus-Wide Emails from College Relations

At times, it is important for College Relations to send out campus-wide emails to inform faculty, staff and students of various events or issues. These emails are sent by either Henry Garcia, APR executive director of college relations, or Roycelyn Bastian, media relations coordinator.

Due to a high volume of emails sent to students and staff, the college relations department limits the numbers of emails/announcements distributed. As a result, announcements are sent once a week via the publication, "The Happenings."

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Weekly Email Blast (The Happenings)

The LSC-Kingwood Happenings is a comprehensive two-week calendar of upcoming campus events produced by Kristine Abraham-George and emailed to all students and employees every Tuesday morning. Event information for this email blast is taken directly from the campus calendar maintained by College Relations. For an event to be included in the email blast, please ensure the event information is listed on the campus calendar by submitting it to Roycelyn.J.Bastain@Lonestar.edu at least two weeks prior to the event.

For more information about the weekly Happenings email blast, please contact Kristine Abraham-George at 281-312-1621 or Kristine.M.Abraham@LoneStar.edu.

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