College Relations

The office of College Relations provides employees assistance with and guidelines regarding public relations and publicity. It also serves as the liaison between the college and the outside media and community.

College Relations is responsible for the release of official information regarding Lone Star College-Kingwood, including press releases, photos, brochures, the Lone Star College-Kingwood Web site, LSC-TV cable television, and internal and external marketing efforts.

The College Relations Department develops programs and services that focus on five key areas: internal and external communications, media relations, media services and web site management. The Department’s strategic goal is to "Create effective Internal and External Systems of Communication" for all college stakeholders.

In order to provide you and your department with optimal programs and services, the College Relations Department has developed policies and procedures. The Q&A guide below is designed to help answer commonly asked questions about media, television, advertising and promotional efforts.

This page is intended to guide you in your request so that we may better serve you. Please call the College Relations Department at 281.312.1621 for further assistance.

This guide covers processes within 5 areas of the College Relations Department:

Fill out a Publicity Request Form

Media Relations

Q. What must I do if I want to promote an upcoming event and/or speaker?

  1. First, fill out a publicity request form. You may locate one on our web site at There, you may fill out and submit an electronic form directly to our department, or you may download the form as a Word document, fill it out, and email it back to College Relations.

    Email the form to Roycelyn Bastian, media relations coordinator at, or to Ronda Meuwissen at You may also fax the form to her at 281-312-1561. Please make certain that the form is received SIX WEEKS in advance. This will allow for proper media scheduling, interviewing and other necessary arrangements that need to be made in order for the event to be properly promoted.

    In order for events/speakers to appear in editions of The Observer or The Tribune and other area newspapers, information must be sent to these publications at least two weeks before the anticipated date. For further clarification, please contact Roycelyn Bastian or Ronda Meuwissen at 281-312-1558 for guidance.

Q. What if I cannot provide the information to the media relations coordinator within the six week timeframe?

  1. The College Relations Department will do everything possible to effectively promote the event/speaker. However, the department can NOT guarantee that the event/speaker will appear in area newspapers. The department will attempt to submit photos/cutlines (information identifying the photo) in the absence of information.

Q. How do I make certain events/ speakers are promoted internally?

  1. The media relations specialist typically promotes events/speakers that have been highlighted in LSC-Kingwood’s Calendar of Events. If you are uncertain that your event is in the calendar, or if the information has changed, contact or to relay the proper information.

    If you require a poster or other printed documents to promote the event, please send the necessary information (who, what, where, when, and why) including photos you may have to Pam Clarke in Designs-In-Print. She and her interns will design an appropriate poster and will forward it to the campus television station so that it will be placed on campus-wide electronic monitors. Pam Clarke can be reached via email at or by phone at 281-312-1450. Please be advised that Designs-In-Print Department requires a two-week lead time.

Q. Once I receive posters from the Designs-In-Print department how do I know if they will be electronically posted?

  1. The Designs in Print Department automatically sends posters for digital signage to LSC- TV. For other types of digital signage, please call Garrick Joubert in the Television Department for further guidance. He can be reached at 281-312-1521 or via email at

Q. Who can I contact to order slicks and how often are they printed?

  1. Please contact Roycelyn Bastian at or Ronda Meuwissen at to order or edit your department’s slick. Due to budget concerns, slicks are ordered once to twice a year.

Q. How do I submit my events to the Events and More Calendar that is printed each year?

    Please email all upcoming events to or prior to May 1 each year to be included in the printed calendar. If an event is submitted once the calendar has been printed, please still email the event to her and it will be published in the bathroom calendar, online calendar and LED monitors.

Q. How do I get my events published on the LED monitors on Kingwood Drive and in the courtyard?

  1. Please submit events to Roycelyn Bastian, media relations coordinator, at or Ronda Meuwissen at Only community events are published on the LED sign located on Kingwood Drive. All events (internal and external) are published on the courtyard LED sign. Information must be submitted at least three weeks before the event.

Q. What if I suddenly learn about something occurring on campus that I believe merits news coverage?

  1. First think about news interest. Is there information you believe the community will want to know?

    Second, is it something that newspapers WILL WANT TO PRINT? Remember, what you believe may be newsworthy, may NOT be newsworthy to media outlets.

    And finally, requests to take photos of students in classrooms are encouraged, that is, if they’re doing something ‘visually appealing’. The College Relations Department receives numerous requests, but often times, newspapers will NOT print photos because they do not have mass appeal. Please consider action shots of students doing something unusual as these make better photos and increase the possibility of being printed. If photos are taken that clearly identifies a student, that student MUST sign a model release form. You can access a model release at the following link:

Q. Why do I receive campus-wide emails from College Relations?

  1. At times, it is important for College Relations to send out campus-wide emails to inform faculty, staff and students of various events or issues. These emails are sent by either Henry Garcia, Executive Director of College Relations, Roycelyn Bastian, media relations coordinator or Ronda Meuwissen, writer.

Q. If I want to schedule a room for an event, whom do I call?

  1. Please call Laura Codner, campus R25 administrator - room scheduling at 281-312-1414 or via email at

Media Services

Media provides production services to faculty and staff on the campus that primarily focuses on: photography, graphic design, video production, audio engineering, multimedia, large format printing, mounting, laminating, disc duplication, booklet binding, and indoor/ outdoor signage for events.

Q. When is Media Services open?

  1. The Media department is open Monday through Friday from 8am–4:30pm. Arrangements can be made for additional coverage of special events.

Q. What is the best way to contact Media Services?

  1. You are always welcome to come in and fill out a request form. If not, we require that you email all service requests to:

Q. What is my part in making my request successful?

  1. In your request, be as detailed as possible. Remember, it takes time and dedication to create quality graphics, video, and various other multimedia products. Make sure your deadline allows enough time for Media Services production team to perform adequately. Plan ahead to give staff a minimum of two weeks’ notice to meet your deadline.

Q. Whom do I contact if I need one of the following: graphic design, color printing, large format printing, or various other print related projects?

  1. Please contact Jason Watson, graphics coordinator. He can be reached at 281-312-1743 or via email at:

Q. What about Photography?

  1. We are available for event photography, personal portraits as needed for College programs, and 2 and 3D photographic reproduction. Due to the volume of requests it is recommended that photography requests are done at the beginning of the semester so that all events run as smoothly as possible. Additionally, it is recommended that the photographer be invited to the first planning meeting in order to discuss turnaround dates and deadlines.

    Photography services must be requested through Media Services with a copy to All scheduling is conducted on a first come, first served, basis.

Q. How do I order audio/visual equipment for an event?

  1. Due to a restructuring of services, all audio/ visual equipment (video conferencing of classroom demonstrations, presentations, set-up of public address systems, event planning, equipment training, and equipment troubleshooting) must be ordered through Facilities Management. Please contact Rosemary Cuellar at 281-312-1769 or via email at This service is no longer being offered through Media Services.

LSC-Kingwood Television Station

Q. If I’m interested in promoting a specific event/speaker on the campus television station, whom shall I contact?

  1. Contact LSC-Kingwood’s Television Program Manager Garrick Joubert three to four weeks before the event. He can be reached at 281-312-1521. You can also email him at The program manager will assist you in various avenues to promote your program and/or event electronically. The avenues may include stories on the cable station’s news program, or other electronic messaging.

    A request form can be accessed on the college’s web site at

Q. Once I have discussed videotaping a speaker with the television program manager, what else am I required to do?

  1. You must obtain a “consent to video tape” form from the program manager. The video staff CANNOT video tape a speaker without his/her consent in writing! The form must be completed two weeks before the event is taped.

Promotional Items (Give-Aways)

Q. If I’m going to host a group of students on campus, what is the process of requesting give-aways?

  1. Please call the College Relations Office at 281-312-1621. We recommend a two- weeks’ notice as we need to make certain we have sufficient quantities available. Please be aware that items used to promote the college to prospective students, are ordered in ‘bulk,’ and are depleted. We also must be cost-conscience and be mindful of budgetary restrictions. Please note that we do NOT have high-end specialty items such as retirement gifts, clocks, etc. These items need to be ordered in advance. We will be happy to work with you with proper notice.

Web Site Management

Q. What is the process of placing items on our web site?

  1. Items are routinely added to the site using various sources of information - news releases, special events, etc. Please forward information to Rosendo Reyna, web content coordinator at

Q. Can I edit my department’s web pages?

  1. Yes you can. In fact, College Relations encourages each department to designate a staff member to edit to the department’s web pages. In order to gain permission to edit web pages, you must become a certified web author via a special Red Dot Author Training course. You can register for this course through myLoneStar. This course is offered periodically at LSC-Kingwood throughout the year. If you would like to become a web author, please contact campus Web Coordinator, Rosendo Reyna at

Q. How can I use social media like Facebook to promote college events, clubs, groups, and interests?

  1. LSC-Kingwood utilizes many different social media outlets. LSC-Kingwood has an official Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel. Online media tools like Facebook and Twitter are used by College Relations to promote special events, give students practical information about student services and classes, and share online content that is relevant to the higher education community. If you would like to utilize LSC-Kingwood’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote an event or disseminate information about services such as financial aid, admissions, tutoring, etc., please contact campus Web Services. In order to make sure that your event or information is properly promoted, you must submit a request for social media posts THREE WEEKS in advance.

Q. Can I create a Facebook page or Twitter account for a school department, group, or club? Can I create a Facebook page for a class and integrate it in instruction?

  1. In general, LSCS employees can use social media for college related business. This includes creating social media accounts for school groups, clubs, departments, and classes. At the same time, we do not want to use social media indiscriminately. In other words, we do not want to have a Facebook page for every college class, department, student service, and club. For legal reasons, any college affiliated social media account must be monitored and must follow branding guidelines. Therefore, creating new social media pages should be considered on a case by case basis. All college affiliated social media pages must be approved and monitored by College Relations. This includes giving the web manager administrator access to these pages. To create a new LSC-Kingwood social media account, please submit a request to campus Web Coordinator, Rosendo Reyna at

Q. In the event of inclement weather, how do I know if the campus/classes will be cancelled?

  1. Always refer to the Lone Star College website: Every effort will be made to provide immediate information as it becomes available. Recordings will also be made on the campus call center as appropriate.


Q. What if a student wants to place a poster to advertise their club, organization or event; or if a student wants to place a poster to advertise a private sale or solicitation (such as used books, roommate, etc.)?

  1. They should contact the Student Activities Center (SCC 240) at 281.318.4326 or

Q. If an outside, non-LSC-Kingwood entity wants to post a job opening, or any other job-related subject (job fair, etc.), whom shall I call?

  1. Please contact Jill Todd, career services program manager, at 281-312-1435 or via email at


Publicity Request / Model Release Forms

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