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The Physical Therapist Assistant AAS degree (AAS_PHTA) is offered at LSC-Montgomery and has additional entrance requirements. For more information, please contact the Physical Therapist Assistant Department.

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Program Description

The course of study for a physical therapist assistant (PTA) is a two-year program, leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree. One cohort is accepted into the program each year. The curriculum plan for the program begins in the fall semester and consists of five consecutive semesters. Besides the PTA courses, our program includes general education and science courses necessary for earning an
Associates in Applied Science degree. Successful completion of the program satisfies the academic requirement for applying for the state licensure as a PTA and satisfies the requirement for graduates to take the NBPTE, the national licensing exam.

The five-semester program includes one summer semester for a total of 67 credit hours. The program is designed to prepare skilled health care workers to perform treatment under the direction of a licensed physical therapist and includes didactic learning, skill development in the lab and clinical training. Clinical facilities will require students to successfully pass a certified background check, a negative screening for drug usage, a seasonal influenza vaccination, Hep B series, MMR series, Chicken pox series, Tetanus, and PPD to screen for TB, and a current CPR card which is AHA BLS for HC providers.  Prior to the start of the program, students are required to provide proof of immunizations. This list of requirements is available on the program department website.

Graduates are prepared for employment as PTA’s in acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, school systems, home health agencies and other places where physical therapy is licensed to practice. Upon completion of the program, graduates must pass the NBPTE national licensing exam to receive a license in Texas.

The general education core will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities. For more specific information and to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses, contact the program director, a college advisor or a college counselor.

Admission Criteria

In addition to the general admission requirements of the Lone Star College (LSC), the following are requirements that must be met in order to apply for admission to the PTA program:

  1. Complete all developmental courses in math and English prior to application (if required based on testing). All associate degrees require completion of MATH 0310 or higher or placement at college-level on an approved exam. 
  2. Have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in high school and/or college.
  3. Complete at least 40 hours of observation in the field under the direction of a licensed physical therapist or licensed physical therapist assistant.
  4. Complete an application test administered at the Lone Star College - Montgomery Campus.
    Applications for admission will be received during the spring semester. Because admission to the program is competitive, the students who will be accepted are most likely to be those who score highest on the criteria established by the admissions committee which may include but not limited to, the following:
    1. Completion of the general education core courses in the degree plan,
    2. High grades in these courses,
    3. Scores on a standardized admission exam, writing sample and interview.

Note: It is highly recommended that students complete as many of the following courses prior to applying to the PTA program in order to submit the highest application score as possible:

  • PTHA 1201-(It is a requirement to pass this course with a C or higher)
  • BIOL 2401-(It is a requirement to pass this course with a C or higher and within the last 7 years prior to admission into the program)
  • BIOL 2402-(It is a requirement to pass this course with a C or higher)
  • ENGL 1301
  • PSYC 2301
  • PSYC 2314
  • PHIL 2306

Final acceptance into the program is contingent upon other criteria as set by LSC which may include background check and drug screening.

Admission Process

  1. All applicants are highly encouraged to attend at least one information session prior to applying to the PTA program. The information sessions are held monthly on the LSC-Montgomery campus and the PowerPoint file is available on the departmental web page. Dates and times for the face to face sessions are located on the departmental web page.
  2. An application packet for the PTA program must be completed and submitted to be considered for acceptance into the program. A link to the on-line application for the class starting in August will be available beginning in April of each year.. The following material must be turned in prior to the deadline to the PTA department office B120 to be considered for admission:
    1. On-line application printed and signed by the student and turned in.
    2. On-line score sheet printed and signed by the student and turned in
    3. Observation form to be completed after 40 hours of observation under a licensed PT or PTA and signed by the PT or PTA. The form is available under Application Forms. (Signed and sealed by the licensed professional and either mailed or delivered by hand to the PTA department office - B120)
    4. d. PSB test results. The test ticket and directions on taking the test. IMPORTANT: PSB Test must be taken at least one week prior to the application deadline.
    5. Any additional documentation requested during the on-line application.
  3. Applicants may be invited for an interview and asked to submit a writing sample for review by the admissions committee.
  4. All successful applicants admitted to the PTA program will be required to attend an orientation session in the summer before starting the program.
  5. All successful applicants admitted to the PTA program will be required to submit documentation of their immunizations and background check at the orientation and no later than the first official day of class in the fall semester, per instructions of the faculty.

In order to practice as a PTA, a person must be licensed by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners. To take the PTA licensing exam, a person must be a graduate of a PTA educational program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). The PTA program at LSC-Montgomery is accredited by CAPTE.

For more information, go to apta.org or contact the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-1488, 703.684.2782


First Year Credits

First Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
ENGL 1301 Composition & Rhetoric I 3
PTHA 1225 Communication in Health Care 2
PTHA 1305 Basic Patient Care Skills 3
PTHA 1413 Functional Anatomy 4
BIOL 2401 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
PTHA 1201 The Profession of Physical Therapy 2

TOTAL First Semester Credits:


Second Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
BIOL 2402 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
PTHA 1431 Physical Agents 4
PTHA 2201 Essentials of Data Collection 2
PTHA 2435 Rehabilitation Techniques 4
PTHA 1260 Clinical Physical Therapy Assistant 2

TOTAL Second Semester Credits:


Third Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
PSYC 2301 General Psychology 3
PTHA 1321 Pathophysiology for the PTA 3
PTHA 2409 Therapeutic Exercise 4

TOTAL Third Semester Credits:


Second Year Credits

First Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
PHIL 2306 Introduction to Ethics 3
PTHA 2250 Current Concepts in Physical Therapy 2
PTHA 2461 Clinical - Physical Therapy Assistant 4
PTHA 2462 Clinical - Physical Therapy Assistant 4

TOTAL First Semester Credits:


Second Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
PSYC 2314 Life-span Growth & Development 3
PTHA 2217 Issues in Health Care 2
PTHA1 2463 Clinical - Physical Therapy Assistant 4

TOTAL Second Semester Credits:



Total Credits

TOTAL Credit Hours for Physical Therapist AAS Degree:


  1. Capstone course