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Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT)



Students interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of Education can take the courses offered in our Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) Program.  Courses within the program align with State Board for Educator Certification Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Standards. The degree plan satisfies the core requirements for baccalaureate programs at four-year institutions that lead to initial Texas teacher certification.

Field experiences are an integral part of becoming a professional teacher.  Courses that are field-based require outside classroom time for observation and experiential learning in Texas Education Agency accredited schools.

Associate of Arts Degree

An Associate of Arts is an academic transfer degree designed for students who will ultimately be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at a four-year college/university that is not math or science oriented. Examples of this type of four-year degree are: Business, Liberal Arts, History, Speech, Music, Education, Criminal Justice, etc.


The Advising process is an integral part of your academic success. Academic advisors are available to assist you with a variety of academic services including admissions, testing, advising, registration, referral of campus and community resources, add/drop/withdrawal process, transfer planning and graduation processes.

Please contact the Education Department or an advisor for more information.

Meet with an Advisor

First Year

First Semester Courses 15 Credits
ENGL 1301 Composition & Rhetoric I 3
MATH 1314 College Algebra1 3
EDUC 1301 Intro to the Teaching Profession2 3
PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy 3
Elective Creative Arts3 3
Second Semester Courses 12 Credits
ENGL 1302 Composition & Rhetoric II 3
HIST 1301 United States History to 1877 3
SPCH 1315-or-SPCH 1318 Public Speaking-or-Interpersonal Communication 3
MATH 1350 Foundations of Mathematics I 3
Third Semester Courses 7 Credits
GOVT 2305 Federal Government 3
GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
PHED 1164 Introduction to Physical Fitness & Wellness 1

Second Year

First Semester Courses 13 Credits
Elective Life & Physical Sciences (W/Lab)4 4
HIST 1302 United States History Since 1877 3
EDUC 2301 Introduction - Special Populations2 3
MATH 1351 Mathematics for Teachers II 3
Second Semester Courses 13 Credits
Elective Life & Physical Sciences (W/Lab)4 4
TECA 1354-or-PSYC 2301 Child Growth & Development -or-General Psychology 3
GEOG 1301-or-GEOG 1303 Physical Geography5-or-World Regional Geography 3
ENGL 23416-or-Elective Forms of Literature-or-Choose from other core Language, Philosophy, Culture Options 3
Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) Degree Program Total 60 Credits


  1. MATH 1314 is a prerequisite, or placement by testing, for MATH 1350 and MATH 1351.  See an advisor to determine additional or other math courses required for transfer credit to specific 4-year institutions.
  2. Students must also complete a total of 32 hours of observation to meet state field experience requirements in EDUC 1301 (16 hours) and EDUC 2301 (16 hours). Successful completion of a background check is required to observe in EC-12 school campuses. Individual school districts and/or school campuses will conduct background checks for LSC students before being approved to observe at the schools.
  3. Choose from ARTS 1301, 1303, 1304; DANC 2303; DRAM 1310, 2366; MUSI 1306, 1308, 1309, 1310
  4. Choose from BIOL 1406 OR 1408; CHEM 1405; GEOL 1403; PHYS 1410
  5. Meets core Social/Behavioral Science requirement.
  6. ENGL 2341 with a theme of children’s literature preferred or choose from ENGL 2322, 2323, 2327, 2328, 2332, 2333, 2342, 2343, 2351; HUMA 1301, 1302; PHIL1304, 2306, 2321; FREN 2311, 2312; GERM 2311, 2312; ITAL 2311, 2312; SPAN 2311, 2312, 2313, 2315

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Transfer Options

Credits earned at Lone Star College transfer to any public college or university in the state. Start smart with 2+2 (2 years at LSC and 2 years at the University of your choice) and get the first two years of your Bachelor's degree without the high-cost. Before you make your decision, make sure you:

  1. Meet with an advisor to choose the right degree plan
  2. Research colleges & universities
  3. Complete their admissions application on time

Transfer Guides

The key to success – and to minimizing stress – is planning ahead. LSC has transfer agreements with dozens of colleges and universities across Texas. These transfer guides, 2 + 2 agreements, and equivalency guides will show you the LSC courses that fulfill bachelor degree requirements at the institutions listed.

Transfer Centers

Want to speak with someone in person? No problem. All six of our campuses have transfer centers that offer one-on-one appointments, workshops, university visits and resources for parents. Find the transfer center that is closest to you:


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