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The Vocational Nursing Certificate (C2_PRN2) is offered at LSC-CyFair, LSC-Kingwood, LSC-Montgomery and LSC-Tomball and has additional entrance requirements. For more information, please contact the Nursing Department.

Program Description

This is a 3 semester, one year full-time program that prepares students interested in becoming a licensed vocational nurse (LVN).  The program teaches students to provide nursing care in a variety of health care settings.  Pathways are also available to transition to become a registered nurse through formal education programs, one of which is also available at Lone Star College:  Transition to Professional Nursing Program for Articulating Students.

If you have a passion for caring for people, the nursing profession might be right for you.  Supportive faculty and staff are here to help you build a strong foundation for your nursing career.  Student experiences include hands on laboratory, classroom, and clinical facility rotations.  LSC Nursing Programs offer state of the art simulation equipment and laboratories.  Dedication to the program is important as you develop the necessary knowledge and skills for degree completion.  Please note this is a competitive admission program.  Approval information is available from the Texas Board of Nursing, 333 Guadalupe #3-460, Austin, TX 78701, or telephone 512.305.7400.

The Vocational Nursing programs are approved by the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON), 333 Guadalupe #3-460, Austin, TX 78701.  TBON website or telephone is 512.305.7400.

Program Plan

Prerequisite Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
BIOL1 2404 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology 4

TOTAL Prerequisite Semester Credit Hours:


First Year Credits

First Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
VNSG 1160 Clinical Basics 1
VNSG 1260 Clinical I 2
VNSG2 1216 Nutrition 2
VNSG 1323 Basic Nursing Skills 3
VNSG 1304 Foundations of Nursing 3
VNSG 1400 Nursing in Health & Illness I 4

TOTAL First Semester Credits:


Second Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
VNSG3 1238 Mental Illness 2
VNSG 1163 Pediatric Clinical 1
VNSG4 1331 Pharmacology 3
VNSG 1262 Clinical II 2
VNSG 1334 Pediatrics 3
VNSG 1409 Nursing in Health & Illness II 4

TOTAL Second Semester Credits:


Third Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
VNSG 1119 Leadership Professional Development 1
VNSG3 1226 Gerontology 2
VNSG 1330 Maternal - Neonatal Nursing 3
VNSG 2161 Maternal/Newborn Clinical 1
VNSG 2361 Clinical - Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training 3
VNSG5 2410 Nursing In Health and Illness III 4

TOTAL Third Semester Credits:



Total Credits

TOTAL Credit Hours for Vocational Nursing Certificate:


  1. BIOL 2401 & 2402 Anatomy & Physiology I & II can be substituted for BIOL 2404, if student has taken them.
  2. BIOL 1322 Nutrition can be substituted for VNSG 1216 Nutrition, if student has taken it already and course may be taken during any semester as scheduled by college.
  3. Course may be taken during any semester as scheduled by college.
  4. RNSG 1301 – Pharmacology may be substituted for VNSG 1331, if taken within the last five years. Course may be taken during any semester as scheduled by college.
  5. Capstone course