Online and Hybrid Language Classes

Language Learning OnlineSome of our classes are offered as hybrid or online language classes.  It is important that students know what those types of classes involve before signing up for them.

A hybrid class is one that meets in class for a few hours per week, but then requires students to do independent work outside of class as well. A hybrid class is not an online class, although much independent work will be done on the computer or in the language lab. Students will need to have access to a working computer with speakers and a microphone.

An online class is one where students do all work online. As such, students need to have access to a working computer with speakers and a microphone. A student who is considering taking a language class online must also be motivated and self-disciplined. While convenient for those who work or travel, an online class is not self-paced. Students must adhere to deadlines. It is very common for students to think that an online class is easier than a face-to-face one. However, many find the opposite is true. Please consider your time, your level of self-motivation and how savvy you are with technology when deciding to sign up for an online class.

At LSC-CyFair, proctored testing is required in all online and most hybrid language classes. That means students will have to make arrangements to take tests in a proctored environment. Students may take tests at any LSC campus for no charge. It is also possible to make arrangements to take tests at other universities’ testing centers; however there is usually a fee involved.

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