Other Exams

Students who have taken the CLEP or the AP exam will need to see an advisor to fill out paperwork to receive credits for the language they know. They may also use their scores to register for a class, however it is not necessary to take a class. See the chart below for PLA credit and level equivalencies.

Exam Score Earned PLA
Total credits May enroll in
AP 3 1411, 1412 8 2311 or 2313**
AP 4 1411, 1412, 2311 11 2312 or 2315**
AP 5 1411, 1412, 2312 14 ------
CLEP 25 1411 4 1412
CLEP 50 or above* 1411, 1412 8 2311 or 2313**

*Students who score higher than a 50 on the CLEP test cannot receive any more than 8 credits. It is not recommended that students take the CLEP exam for this reason.

**Students who are heritage or native Spanish speakers should enroll in the Spanish for Spanish Speakers classes. There are no 2313 or 2315 classes for other languages.

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