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Get Involved at Lone Star College

Civic engagement means promoting the quality of life in a community through both political and nonpolitical processes. It teaches many different executive skills such as: grit, self-control, zest, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism, and curiosity. These skills aid students well into the future as they finish degrees and enter the workforce.

Whether a student is looking to transfer to a four-year university or looking to joining the workforce after attending Lone Star College, being involved in civic activities help prepare them for life after Lone Star College.


  • Participation - We will identify and create opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to become actively involved in a project or program of activity.
  • Advocacy - We will empower others to act to protect an asset of interest to their community.
  • Social Justice - We will work to ensure the fair distribution of advantages, assets, and benefits among all members of a society.
  • Sustainability - We will promote social and environmental practices that protect and enhance the human and natural resources needed by future generations to enjoy a quality of life equal to or greater than our own.

Campus Centers for Civic Engagement


Name Phone
Melanie Steel 281.290.3906 Melanie.Steel@LoneStar.edu

LSC-CyFair Center for Civic Engagement


Name Phone
Dr. Jay Theis 281.312.3906 John.J.Theis@LoneStar.edu

LSC-Kingwood Center for Civic Engagement


Name Phone
Michele Richey 936.273.7327 Michele.Richey@lonestar.edu

LSC-Montgomery Center for Civic Engagement

LSC-North Harris

Name Phone
Erika Herrera 281.618.5597 Erika.Y.Herrera@lonestar.edu

LSC-North Harris Center for Civic Engagement


Name Phone
Clark Friesen 281.401.1807 Clark.W.Friesen@lonestar.edu

LSC-Tomball Center for Civic Engagement

LSC-University Park

Name Phone
Bryan Henry 281.290.2627 Bryan.J.Henry@LoneStar.edu

LSC-University Park Center for Civic Engagement



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