LSC-University Park Center for Civic Engagement

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Mission Statement 

The LSC-University Park Center for Civic Engagement aims to cultivate intellectual curiosity, facilitate community dialogue, and inspire ethical civic participation. Civic engagement invites the individual to invest themselves in the collective fate of their community. Our goal is to provide programs and opportunities that enable students to identify and embrace their civic obligations both to ennoble their own lives and to positively impact their local, national, and global community.


Lyceum Lecture Series

The CCE will host a series of lectures open to the entire community to highlight important civic, political, and ethical issues, facilitate civil and empathetic dialogue, and equip individuals to contribute solutions to collective problems. 


The CCE is proud to partner with "Start Taking Action Now for Diversity - University Park" to host an annual event to inform and engage students on important contemporary issues.

Stand UP 2024 - Adapting to Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities for the Greater Houston Area
Stand UP 2023 - Coping with Gun Violence in America
Stand UP 2022 - Voting in America: Is it Equitable?

Voter Registration

The CCE provides students the opportunity to register to vote and became deputy voter registrars through partnership with the League of Women Voters and Mi Familia Vota.

Engaging the Election

The CCE inspires political participation and expands civic understanding by inviting elected officials and candidates to discuss their policy viewpoints and political experience.

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Deliberative Dialogues

Deliberative Dialogues provide a way for community members of diverse views and experiences to seek a shared understanding of a problem and to search for common ground for action.

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Please direct questions about the Center for Civic Engagement to Bryan J Henry, Associate Professor of Government, at Bryan.J.Henry@LoneStar.edu.

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