LSC-North Harris Center for Civic Engagement


Engage the Election

The Center for Civic Engagement hosts candidate forums, voter registration drives, debate watch parties, among other things to encourage the community to exercise their right to vote. Every voice counts. Make yours heard!

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Hunger Banquet

When guests arrive at the Hunger Banquet, they draw tickets at random that assign each to a high-, middle, or low-income tier – based on the latest statistics about the number of people living in poverty in the world. Come hear from experts in the field and learn what you can do about it.

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Human Library

The Center for Civic Engagement turns people into living books in an event called The Human Library. This event is a great opportunity to learn from people from different backgrounds who volunteer to tell their personal life stories and share their struggles, lessons learned, and wisdom. Come ‘check out’ individuals with amazing stories to tell!

Deliberative Dialogues 

The Center for Civic Engagement hosts deliberative dialogues and awareness events around important topics such as: immigration, safety and justice, drug and alcohol abuse, human trafficking, environmental awareness, racial and class inequality, children in need, and veteran's affairs among others. 

 Guest Speaker Series

The Center for Civic Engagement brings to campus important local and state officials, community leaders and experts in different fields to have conversations around important topics. Speakers who have previousley visited campus include:

  • Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo
  • Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg
  • U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Daniel Hendrex
  • Cesar L. Chavez
  • Charlie King 
  • Bill Babbitt
  • David Kaczynski 
  • Dr. Enrique Barrera?  
  • Former Harrris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia


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