The Occupational & Life Skills Associates (OLSA) Degree

The Occupational and Life Skills program is a four-year associate degree developed for neurodiverse students in the lifePATH® program utilizing a cohort model. While the OLSA does not focus on a specific industry, its purpose is to help students develop transferable skills that can be applied to any industry.

During the first two years, students take requisite courses that focus on college-level academic expectations, workforce, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills. After two years, some students exit the lifePATH® OLSA cohort and/or simultaneously pursue other certificate or degree programs offered at Lone Star College, with lifePATH® wrap-around support. Students who remain in their lifePATH® OLSA cohort will spend the last two years learning about professional expectations and applying their soft skill knowledge to the real world while earning both the OLSA and the Business Operations Certificate (C1).

Program Components

Program Component GraphAcademic Skills

  • Strategies for learning success
  • Academic skill development
  • Academic decision making

Workforce Skills

  • Learn hard and soft skills
  • Utilize problem solving
  • Evaluate strengths and challenges
  • Develop strategies for success

Interpersonal Skills

  • Interact with diverse people
  • Practice perspective taking
  • Adjust behavior based on interactions

Intrapersonal Skills

  • Identify emotional responses
  • Assess personal motives
  • Advocate for needs
  • Determine relationship levels

Benefits of the OLSA Degree

  • Fully Accredited - The OLSA is a unique four-year degree program accredited by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Southwest Association of Colleges.
  • Peer Groups - Students take classes as a group which provides the structure and support needed to increase independence and social interactions, while also promoting community and a sense of belonging.
  • Specialized Faculty - OLSA courses are taught by instructors utilizing Universal Design for Learning which supports all learning styles.
  • Embedded Certifications - Students completing the OLSA also earn a Level 1 Business Operations Certificate. Extra time for mastery of the course content is integrated into these courses.
  • Campus Mentorships - Students are paired with faculty and campus leaders to support soft skill development in the areas of career and workplace readiness during years 2 and 3 of the program.
  • Community Internships - Students gain community work experience during year 4 of the program allowing them to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and mentoring experience to the business environment.

OLSA Classes

Year 1

Fall Spring
Effective Communication Business Composition
Learning Framework: 1st Year Experience Career Cluster Research
Human Relations I Human Relations II
Self-Awareness & Personal Change Interpersonal Relationships
Academic Readiness & Review I Academic Readiness & Review II

Year 2

Fall Spring
Networking & Customer Service Business Composition
Mathematic Essentials Career Path Explorations
Business Computer Applications I Business Computer Applications II
Wellness & Lifestyle I Wellness & Lifestyle II
Academic Readiness & Review III Academic & Readiness Review IV
  Campus RAMP I

Year 3

Fall Spring
Business Principles I Business Principles II
Principles of Business Management I Principles of Business Management II
History of Integration & Advocacy Self-Determined Career
Transition to Career I Transition to Career II
Academic Readiness & Review V Academic Readiness & Review VI
Campus RAMP II  

Year 4

Fall Spring
Problem Solving & Decision Making I Problem Solving & Decision Making II
Information & Project Management I Information & Project Management II
Community Internship I Community & Internship II
Stress in the Workplace I Stress in the Workplace II
Academic Readiness & Review VII Academic Readiness & Review VIII

OLSA Criteria

IQ Assessment Scores of 70 or above in each:

  • Full Scale IQ
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Expression or Fluency
  • Math Problem Solving or Reasoning

Application Process

Campus Locations

Email: TC-lifePATH@LoneStar.edu  
Phone: 281.655.3607
Address: 30555 Tomball Pkwy, Tomball, TX 77375

Email: MC-lifePATH@LoneStar.edu
Phone: 936.271.6149
Address: 3200 College Park Dr, Conroe, TX 77384


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