Speaking Excellence Center

Speaking Excellence Center

The Speaking Excellence Center (SEC) at LSC-Tomball is one of just a handful of communication centers found on community college campuses.  The SEC is intended as a resource for students, faculty and others who want to build excellence into their speaking habits.  We recognize the fact that employers first require communication skills from their applicants and that our students will need training to be competitive.  We also recognize the fact that many who work on our campus may seek professional development in the form of communication training.  Finally, we recognize our role in creating a healthy marketplace of ideas for students, faculty, staff, and community.  

Location & Hours

The Speaking Excellence Center is located in the heart of LSC-Tomball in room C210.

Coaching is available during the following times:

Mondays 11 am-12 pm in C210 10 am - 2 pm by appt via WebEx
Tuesdays 1- 3 pm in C210  
Wednesdays 11- 2 pm in C210  
Thursdays 11 am to 1 pm and 2-3 pm in C210  


*Hours are subject to change due to special events. Please email Lindsay.Scott@lonestar.edu to schedule your appointment.

Faculty may request trainings and use of the SEC by contacting Clark Friesen.

Things We Do

The center was originally focused on providing student speakers with the opportunity to practice speeches in a classroom space using campus media carts and equipment, something few would have at home.  Since then, the SEC has developed a number of valuable services for clients throughout the campus community.

Some services we offer:

  • Public speaking:  Including practice space, outline help, recording speeches, improving visual aids, responding to questions, EDUC 1300 presentations, TEDx speaker training, Honors Day preparation, coping with speech anxiety.
  • Group dynamics:  Including presenting as a group, group decision making processes, achieving consensus, group leadership, team building games and exercises, delegation, and working with virtual teams.
  • Emotional intelligence training:  Including expanding emotional vocabulary, understanding nonverbal communication, empathy building, mindfulness training.
  • Cross cultural communication:  Including tips for competent intercultural relations, understanding collective and individualistic cultures, adapting to cultural norms, conversational practice (ESL).
  • Deliberative dialogue moderator training (for individuals or groups)
  • Conducting deliberative dialogues (for classes or student organizations)
  • Virtual reality (360 video) training:  Including introductory training, using VR for research, building empathy and cultural awareness with VR, teaching with 360 video and more.
  • Resume development and interview training
  • Network development training

Donít see what you need?  Request a service!  Course or individual specific services may be designed to meet your needs.



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