Strategic Planning

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LSC-Tomball 2020

Final Report 

Please take a moment to review the Tomball 2020 Final Report. This report summarizes the entire Tomball 2020 process from inception to execution and provides specific information about outcomes, both desired and unexpected. 

Also available is the Tomball 2020 Action Plan which outlines in detail the action items that resulted from each of the project groups' initiatives and how departments worked together to carry out these plans.

Tomball 2020 Strategic Plan Final Report

LSC-Tomball 2020 Strategic Plan Final Report

Tomball 2020 Overview

In the spring of 2015, Lone Star College-Tomball partnered with Analytics and Institutional Reporting (AIR) to launch Tomball 2020, a new and innovative process for developing a campus strategic plan. The focus of this plan would be to (1) give the campus an overall strategic direction for the next five years, and (2) provide solutions to reverse a multi-semester enrollment decline. The process was designed to be inclusive, data-driven, and specific to the needs of the Tomball campus. Therefore, under the leadership of Dr. Lee Ann Nutt, all college personnel were organized into four strategy groups that were led by facilitators and subject matter experts (SMEs). 

Each strategy group was unique in how they identified initiatives, but all followed three general steps: (1) examination of campusís current status quo relating to their strategy groupís objective, (2) solicitation of input from stakeholders from various campus departments/divisions, and (3) development of initiatives with consideration of potential barriers to their future success. 

Committee Charge

The Tomball 2020 Council was assembled to provide strategic direction for Lone Star College-Tomball into the year 2020.  

Tomball 2020 Council Committees

The Tomball 2020 Council is made up of the following three campus based committees:

  • Strategic Enrollment Management Committee
    • Committee Charge: To establish college-wide dialogue and strategy development focused on Strategic Enrollment Management and set clear goals for achieving gains in Lone Star College-Tomball enrollment and retention.
    • Committee Chairs: Henri Dally, Donielle Miller, Jill Riethmayer
  • Faculty and Staff Research Committee
    • Committee Charge: To explore the latest research related to the college, community, and higher education trends.
    • Committee Chairs: Dr. Margaret Jelinek Lewis, Jennifer Richardson
  • Campus Planning and Assessment Committee
    • Committee Charge: To guide the institutional effectiveness and strategic planning processes for LSC Ė Tomball.
    • Committee Chairs: Jared Cootz, Kentrie LeDee, Robbie Richard Rogers

Additional Members of the Tomball 2020 Council

  • Dr. Jackie C. Thomas, Jr., Chief Strategist and Chair of the Tomball 2020 Council
  • Dr. Lee Ann Nutt, President
  • Dr. Jerrel Wade, Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Dr. Scott Stallman, Vice President of Instruction
  • Ms. Ann Johnson, Vice President of Student Success
  • Kim Carter, Faculty Senate President

Awards Strategy Group

The objective of this strategy group was to identify potential workforce certificates and/or degree opportunities that can be offered at LSC-Tomball.

Offerings Strategy Group

The objective of this strategy group was to analyze current course selections and delivery modes, identify new methods for scheduling strategically, and to provide new ideas for publicizing course offerings.

Scholarships Strategy Group

The objective of this strategy group was to identify ways to generate and award more scholarships as well as utilize scholarships as a recruitment tool for students.

Students Strategy Group

The objective of this strategy group was to identify methods for enrolling more new students and increasing the retention rate of the current students.


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