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Music Classes

Lone Star College-University Park offers music courses for majors and non-majors, including audition-based performance ensembles, private lessons (in voice, instruments, or composition), and academic and workforce music classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Core Courses

These courses may be used to satisfy the Creative Arts requirement for the AA or AS degrees. Only MUSI 1307 also counts toward the AA in music degree.

MUSI 1306 Appreciating Music
MUSI 1307 Music Literature
MUSI 1310 American Music (including special sections on rock and jazz)

Group Lessons for Beginners

Introductory level courses. No audition required!
MUSI 1181 Class Piano I 
MUSI 1183 Class Voice
MUSI 1188 Percussion Class 
MUSI 1192 Class Guitar
MUSI 1303 Music Fundamentals (Focuses on Learning to Read Music and Play Piano)

Performance Ensembles

Audition-based performance ensembles, More coming soon!
MUEN 1131 String Ensemble*
MUEN 1134 Percussion Ensemble* 
MUEN 1141 Concert Choir* 
MUEN 1154 Pop Singers*

*Audition required.
LEARN MORE: Music Ensembles  |  Set up an Audition

35-Minute Weekly Private Lessons

12-week next start lessons for non-majors and beginning and intermediate students. Audition required for placement.

MUAP 1101 String Lessons
MUAP 1121 Woodwind Lessons
MUAP 1141 Brass Lessons
MUAP 1157 Percussion Lessons
MUAP 1161 Guitar Lessons
MUAP 1169 Piano Lessons 
MUAP 1181 Voice Lessons 
MUAP 1191 Composition Lessons

LEARN MORE: Private Lessons  |  Set up an Audition

1-Hour Weekly Private Lessons

14-week next start lessons for music majors or more advanced students. Audition required for placement.

MUAP 1202/2202 String Lessons 
MUAP 1222/2222 Woodwind Lessons
MUAP 1242/2242 Brass Lessons
MUAP 1258/2258 Percussion Lessons
MUAP 1262/2262 Guitar Lessons
MUAP 1270/2270 Piano Lessons 
MUAP 1282/2282 Voice Lessons 
MUAP 1292/2292 Composition Lessons

LEARN MORE: Private Lessons  |  Set up an Audition

Classes for Music Majors 

MUSI 1116/1117/2116/2117 Ear Training & Sight Singing I - IV
MUSI 1161 IPA for Singers
MUSI 1181/1182/2181/2182 Class Piano I - IV 
MUSI 1307 Music Literature
MUSI 1311/1312/2311/2312 Music Theory I - IV

Workforce Course

MUSC 1191 Professional Development for Musicians

This course is offered only to students planning careers in music. It covers legal, financial, auditioning, interviewing, networking and marketing skills they need to survive and thrive in the music industry.

Set up an Interview/Audition

Continuing Education Courses

MUENC 3103401 Percussion Ensemble*
MUENC 3105401 Pop Singers I*
MUENC 3930001 Concert Choir*
MUSCC 3109101 Professional Development for Musicians*
MUSIC 3101001 American Music (including sections on the history of jazz and rock)
MUSIC 3101101 Music Theory I
MUSIC 3101201 Music Theory II
MUSIC 3101601 Sight Singing & Ear Training I
MUSIC 3101701 Sight Singing & Ear Training II
MUSIC 3118101 Piano Class I
MUSIC 3118201 Piano Class II
MUSIC 3118302 Class Voice
MUSIC 3119201 Class Guitar
MUSIC 3130601 Music Appreciation
MUSIC 3218101 Piano Class III
MUSIC 3218201 Piano Class IV

*Audition required. Set up an Audition

Courses Required to Earn an AA in Music

Download a Degree Planning Worksheet

  • 4 Semesters of Large Ensembles (MUEN 1123 Symphony Orchestra, MUEN 1141 Concert Choir, or MUEN 2124 Symphonic Band; Guitar and bass majors may also use MUEN 1127 Jazz Ensemble)
  • 4 Semesters of One-Hour Private Lessons (MUAP x2xx)
  • 4 Semesters of Music Theory (MUSI 1311, 1312, 2311, and 2312) and Ear Training & Sight Singing (MUSI 1116, 1117, 2116, and 2117)
  • 1 Semester of Music Literature (MUSI 1307)
  • Piano Proficiency Exam (You must pass the piano proficiency exam or take Class Piano I-IV until you do)
  • 1 Credit Music Elective (Any additional MUAP/MUEN/MUSI Course)
  • Core Courses: 
    • MATH 1314 (or 1316, 1324, 1325, 1332, 1342, 1350, 1351, 2318, 2412, 2413, or 2414)
    • EDUC 1300 or SPCH 1315
    • ENGL 1301 & 1302
    • HIST 1301 & 1302
    • GOVT 2305 & 2306


Who can I contact with questions?
Email the department chair, Dr. Aaron Alon, at Aaron.Alon@LoneStar.edu.

How do I major in music?
Declare your major (AA in Music at LSC-University Park) by visiting an academic advisor on the second floor of building 13 or by emailing UPAdvising@LoneStar.edu. Then, email Dr. Aaron Alon at Aaron.Alon@LoneStar.edu to plan your degree or discuss educational/career goals

I donít know if I want to major in music or not. What should I take? 
Take MUSI 1307 Music Literature. Itís the only course to count toward the AA in music and the general AA degree. You may be able to take additional music courses as electives toward your degree too, so sign up for an audition to get started on private lessons and ensembles.

I want to learn to read music, sing, or play an instrument. What should I take?
Take one of our elective classes for beginners: MUSI 1181 Class Piano I, MUSI 1183 Class Voice, MUSI 1188 Percussion Class, MUSI 1192 Class Guitar, or MUSI 1303 Music Fundamentals.

Do I need to major in music to take music classes?
No! Anyone is eligible to take music classes, and most music courses can even count toward your degree for elective credits. Below is a chart explaining which core and elective music classes might count toward your degree plan. Degree requirements may change over time. Please consult with an academic advisor before enrolling.


List of Music Degrees
Degree Core Music Course Majors' Music Courses
(Specific courses required)
Elective Music Courses
AA in Music MUSI 1307 32 Hours 1 credit
General AA Degree MUSI 1306/1307/1310 N/A Up to 15 credits
General AS MUSI 1306/1307/1310 N/A Up to 7 credits (check with your transferring institution)
Energy, Manufacturing, and Trades Management BAS Degree MUSI 1306/1307/1310 N/A Up to 3 credits
Most AA, AAS, BAT, BS degrees MUSI 1306/1307/1310 N/A N/A
AA in Teaching MUSI 1306 N/A N/A

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