The LSC-Kingwood Testing Center administers the Internet-based THEA® (THEA® IBT) by appointment or on a walk-in basis.  Making an appointment will ensure yourself a seat on a particular day.  If you would like to walk-in, please arrive no later than 5 hours from our facility’s closing time.

Before Taking a THEA® at LSC-Kingwood, You Must Do the Following

  1. Create a Student Profile for THEA® at THEA Start Test.
  2. If applicable, wait exactly 2 weeks (i.e. 14 days) from your last THEA® test.
  3. Prepare to bring two (2) forms of identification, one of which has a photo:
    • Current ID, in the name in which he/she is registered, bearing a photo (i.e.  valid driver’s license, student ID, valid passport, Department of Public Safety card, military ID card, current alien registration card, Matricula Consular)
    • ID bearing the examinee’s name (social security card, valid credit card, description of examinee on high school or college stationery signed by an official of that institution, library card, employment ID card, yearbook, insurance card, pay stub)
    • If the examinee’s name on the ID differs from the examinee name on the Proctor Approval screen while testing, the examinee must present official verification of the change (e.g. marriage certificate, court order).
    • 2 photo IDs or 1 photo ID &  1 non-photo ID  =  SUFFICIENT ID
  4. Prepare to pay the $29.00 exam fee with a Visa or MasterCard (no other cards are acceptable); either of these credit cards may serve as a second ID, assuming the name matches that listed on the other ID.  You may pay in advance through your Student Profile or on test day before starting your test.
  5. Understand that you are given 4 hours to complete as many sections as needed.  You are responsible for knowing which sections you need to take (i.e. Math, Reading, and/or Writing).  If you are unsure, verify with the institution for which you are testing.  If you are re-testing, you are still allotted 4 hours to complete one, two, or all three sections of the THEA®.
  6. Once you have finished your exam, you may access your scores within 10 – 15 minutes through your Student Profile at THEA Start Test.  In cases where your writing sample cannot be automatically scored, your score should be available within 2 business days.
  7. If all necessary steps have been taken, feel free to schedule a THEA® appointment with our facility via phone or e-mail.

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