Room Rental Rates

  Facility         Rental Fee
  Classroom capacity 30         $75 per hour
  Computer Labs         $100 per hour
  Teaching Theatre
B-102 & G-102
        $100 per hour
  Performing Arts Center, Theatre
capacity 350
        $880 per hour
  Recital Hall
capacity 168
        $420 per hour
Bldg. A, A-100
        $150 per hour
Bldg. B, B-150
        $150 per hour
  Sports Field/Track         $25 per hour
  Tennis Courts
courts 1-6
        $10 per hour/ct

Maverick Ballroom Full capacity 145

Maverick Ballroom A capacity 45

Maverick Ballroom B capacity 100

Board Room, 4 total (8 or 12 capacity)





$100 per hour

  All fees and rates are subject to change, adjustment or waiver.

Certificate of Liability: Must be presented by the client to the college prior to any authorized event. The insurance must be in the amount of $1,000,000 in general liability and $2,000,000 for aggregate for any scheduled event.

*Fee for performing arts facilities include: house lights, podium, microphones and basic public address system. Additional Expenses and fees apply when renting facilities. Please contact 936.273.7021.

The following standard charges for regular facility use may also be applied when applicable:
Custodial Fee: $15.00 per event
Security Fee: $45.00 per officer/per event
Coord. Fee: $25.00 per event. Includes on-site supervision, room set-up, tear down, staging, etc.
A/V Usage Fee: $25.00 per event. Includes use of TVís, video equipment, sound system, sound check, microphones, podiums, extension cords, etc.
Technology Fee: $100.00 per event. Includes use of campus computers, on-site tech assistance, usernames and passwords, etc.

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