LSC Safety and Security Committee


The mission of the LSC Safety and Security Committee is to support the College by promoting a safe, secure, and healthy learning and work environment for students, faculty, staff, and community visitors. 

LSC-Safety and Security Committee Membership


  • To support the development and implementation of the College’s Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan.
  • To be responsible for facilitating an annual safety and security audit and preparing a written report to executive leadership.
  • To ensure the safety and security audit is completed and submitted to the Texas School Safety Center every three years in accordance with The Texas Education Code §37.108.
  • To develop and obtain approval for an annual College-wide emergency response drill schedule for all locations.
  • To regularly review health and safety concerns and incidents and make recommendations to the executive leadership for the maintenance and improvement of a safe and healthy environment throughout the College.
  • To promote safety through comprehensive safety education and training programs for all employees, students, and visitors across all College operations. 

Committee Membership

  • Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor, Public Safety (designated co-chair)
  • Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor, Governance, Accountability, and Compliance (designated co-chair)
  • Information Security Officer
  • Representative from Department of Emergency Preparedness
  • IT Director Client Relations and Communications
  • Representative from Environmental Health and Life Safety department
  • Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities & Construction
  • Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
  • Campus Faculty Senate President (annual rotation from the colleges)
  • Vice President from each college
  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Representative from Counseling/Student Services (annual rotation from the colleges)
  • Representative from Campus Police
  • Representative from the Office of Human Resources
  • Representative from Marketing and Communication
  • Representative from Organizational Development

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