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Fields of Study Curricula

Fields of Study Curricula at Greenspoint and Victory Centers


Do you want to obtain a bachelorís degree at a Texas college or university, but save money on tuition and housing, enjoy small classes, and stay close to home, family, and friends for the first two years? You can do all this by enrolling in one of the several fields of study curricula at the LSC-Greenspoint and Victory Centers. These fields of study are designed for students who are going to transfer to a four year institution to obtain a bachelorís degree.

Since 1997, all Texas state supported four year colleges and universities are required to accept the lower division courses completed at community colleges offering Fields of Study curricula. Successfully complete one of the Field of Study programs  and any of these colleges or universities will accept your first 66 semester hours.

Beginning in the summer of 2010, the LSC-Greenspoint Center will offer all the coursework leading to the completion of Fields of Study in Business and Criminal Justice. The LSC-Victory Center will offer coursework leading to the completion of a Field of Study in Speech Communication. Each of these programs can be completed in as little as two years, but can also be taken at a slower pace if you work or have family responsibilities that limit the time you can attend classes. As soon as you complete the required coursework, you will be ready to transfer to a four year institution to complete your bachelorís degree.

Coursework and Employment Opportunities

Once you are enrolled in any of the Field of Study programs offered at Greenspoint and Victory Centers, you will be able to take the basic coursework required of all students who wish to obtain a bachelorís degree from a Texas state university. These include courses such as Government, History, English, and Mathematics. However, as part of the Field of Study, you will also be able to complete and transfer coursework that is specific to the bachelorís degree you plan to obtain.

                Field of Study Curriculum in Business: Students will be able to enroll in transferable Business, Accounting, and Economics courses. They will learn about management, ownership, marketing, budgeting, taxes, legal aspects of business ownership and/or management, payroll, and recording business transactions.

                Students who earn a Bachelor of Science in Business pursue a variety of careers, including accounting, management, finance, operations, entrepreneurship, sales, banking, and many other related professions. Salaries for careers in business range from $30K to $100 depending on yo0ur area of concentration.


                Field of Study Curriculum in Criminal Justice:  Students participating in the Field of Study in Criminal Justice will be able to enroll in courses such as Introduction to Criminal Justice, Court Systems and Practices, Fundamentals of Criminal Justice, and Correctional Systems and Practices, among others. In these courses, students will learn about the definition of crime and its nature and impact, the right to counsel, the grand jury process, and the organization and structure of the correctional system.

Graduates with a Bachelorís Degree in Criminal Justice work in municipal, state, and federal law enforcement. Others work in courts, probation departments, or law offices. Some pursue careers in community organizations or in security firms. Salaries depend on the competencies that graduates acquire while earning their degree.

Field of Study in Speech Communication:  This Field of Study enables students to participate in courses such as Interpersonal Communication, Voice and Diction, Discussion and Small group Communication, among others. In these courses, students learn the skills of verbal and non-verbal communication, the elements that affect the delivery and reception of oral communication, as well as the techniques involved in excellence of voice and diction.

Students who earn a Bachelorís degree in Speech Communication pursue employment in such fields as public relations, broadcasting, and journalism, or eventually become journalist, attorneys, announcers, or lecturers. There is a broad salary range for among all of these occupations


Beginning a Field of Study Curriculum at LSC-Greenspoint and Victory Center

If you know which college or university you want to transfer to in one of the field of study areas, contact an advisor and let him/her know help you develop a plan. Your advisor can guide you in choosing courses that your college or university will accept. If you are not sure which four year institution you would like to transfer to, you advisor can help you identify one that is right for you. To make an appointment with one of our advisors, please call 281-260-3501 to speak to an advisor at the LSC-Greenspoint Center, or 281-810-5602 for an advisor at the LSC-Victory Center.


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