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Information Technology Enhanced Multidisciplinary Academic Learning Lounges

IMalls is a collection of collaborative and active learning environments that increase student engagement while simultaneously enhancing students' academic and cognitive skills as well as non-cognitve soft skills.

Multimedia Studio iMall

Supports multiple aspects of the CASA model, including the materials produced for use in the instructional delivery section of the project and the professional development modules while educating students in TV studio production. Project Updates.

  • December 2016-- The program manager and project director met with the leads of the Multimedia Studio initiative on December 13, 2016. It was determined that the Multimedia Studio be located in a dedicated room in the Digital Technology Building. The purpose of this initiative is to provide faculty with multimedia projects to support learning. Students in the Visual communications (VisComm) TV studio production class film, edit, and produce any project coming through and receive co-op credit and academic credit. Since the system no longer hires fulltime adjuncts who receive 70% of the full-time compensation and whose duties exclude institutional service and professional development, the group discussed alternate job classifications. As this project requires that the coordinator be allowed to teach, the division operations manager is researching an exempt position that allows the person to teach outside of working hours.

  • January 2017 - The Vice President of Instruction and the College President have approved DTEC 112 as the location for the project. Human Resources has approved the posting of the part-time student assistant and the lead is working with HR on the Multimedia Coordinator position.  In addition, the project lead is working with the Office of Technology Services (OTS) to compare equipment listed in the grant to what is currently available due to advances in industry technology. A floor plan for studio the studio is being developed.

  • May 2017 - A hiring search was conducted according to LSC system HR procedures and a candidate was selected for the position of Multimedia Coordinator pending approval from the president of the college and the acceptance of an offer by the candidate. A meeting was held on May 4, 2017 with the DS English faculty, the Visual Communications Department, the faculty and staff Center, and the Tutor Coordinator to discuss the design of the new delivery methods the DS English faculty are developing for Reading I and Writing I.  Faculty commented that the content was not the issue, but rather putting it into a format that was easily accessible and attractive for students similar to Purdue University’s OWL program. They recommended that the Multimedia Coordinator attend the DS classes to get a good idea of the audience and the faculty teaching styles. The current plan is for a faculty member to begin work with the Coordinator on Writing I starting in June 2017.  Representatives from the VisComm Department, Faculty & Staff Center (FSC), and Adjunct Center for Excellence (ACE) met with the Office of Technology Services (OTS) in order to update specifications of equipment to be purchased including a discussion on the future availability and viability of Mac Pro units.Representatives from VisComm had an introductory meeting with “Parents and Children Together” (PACT), a Hispanic serving non-profit organization to discuss collaboration and the development of TV studio-quality educational materials for the local Hispanic community. Meeting was very successful in aligning strategic goals of both organizations; however, further discussion will be necessary.

  • July 2017 - Equipment for the Multimedia Studio iMall was purchased including two Canon EOS C100 cameras with multiple lenses to accomplish most of the filming. Other equipment include an E-Image pedestal kit to support one of the cameras in the lab, a Manfrotto tripod with arm and dolly for the other camera, a Zacuto Z-finder digital monitor for one of the cameras, a shotgun microphone, a Glidecam camera stabilizer, three Impact chroma-green backgrounds, a wireless microphone system, a Clearsonic sound baffle panels to dampen the sound from the back of the studio, and a studio lighting kit. All equipment will be located in the Digital Technology Center, Room 112. Moreover, mobile tables and computer workstations for the student video editors have been selected for purchase.

  • August 2017 - The position of Multimedia Coordinator for the Multimedia Lab was filled and the coordinator was “on boarded” including the Lone Star College orientation from HR. The coordinator began by interviewing several advanced video production students and selecting three for student worker positions.Equipment including cameras, lighting and sound systems  has arrived. The coordinator has inventoried the equipment and secured a safe holding place for it as the lab is being repurposed from a traditional classroom. Meetings are ongoing as to how to best apply soundproofing in the room and how to set the room for best workflow efficiency. The instructor station, projector, and projection screen were removed and walls have been spackled and painted. The student worker position has been created and posted, and applications are currently being submitted for review by the coordinator.

  • September 2017 - The Multimedia Coordinator and the Visual Communication Department Chair formulated and set in motion a plan to “soft start” the studio. The Coordinator and student assistant will begin accomplishing the purpose of the Multimedia Studio as soon as possible, even though the studio does not yet have all the equipment or space (waiting on old furniture removal) needed to be fully operational. To that end, three video shoots to support students were planned and executed during this month in cooperation with The Office of Student Outreach and Recruitment. Cameras and equipment were transported to the “One-Button Studio” in the library in order to utilize the lights and soundproofing therein. Editing for these three videos is in-progress with a grand premiere planned for October 18th. A fourth video shoot was also achieved at the LSC-CHI School for Cosmetology. Videos shot by LSC honors students showing directions of how to register for classes and how to find classes are being edited by studio personnel for distribution on the web. The Coordinator and the Department Chair also travelled to LSC-Tomball and were given a tour of their facility. Very good information and tips for setting up a studio were shared and will be helpful as the Multimedia Studio takes full form.

  • October 2017 -  Following the “soft start” plan for the studio, on October 18th the Student Outreach department debuted three short “Student Profile” videos and one “Make-up Tutorial” video, which were shot and edited by the Multimedia Studio team (including the student worker) and were done on location rather than in the studio. The team also created introductions for three “How to” videos shot by the Honors Program that were also presented during the premiere. Over eighty students and faculty attended this premiere showing, and all were asked to provide feedback through a short survey. Responses were very positive and the second videos for each of the three students were edited and presented on October 31st. The Coordinator and a student worker were also asked to video a special fund-raising event on the campus on October 25th.
    A video editing system including a 4K video camera was ordered to provide digital zooming capabilities. The Multimedia Coordinator and the Visual Communication Department Chair met with LSC Online to view his video studio setup and gather information on best practices. Though the studio was very small, the space had been configured to be efficient and useful for their projects. Very good discussions ensued with many good take-aways.

  • November 2017 -  The Chair of the Visual Communication department and the Multimedia Coordinator met with the director of the Transportation Institute to discuss production of videos needed by truck driving faculty. The need for a script and a storyboard template was presented to Marty Molina and a date was set in December for taping. All grant equipment was tagged with grant numbers. Two budget meetings were held with the director of the grant. The Chair and Coordinator also met with the Chair of the Music Department to discuss the production of promotional videos to interest students in band, choir, etc. After deciding that supplemental footage would be needed, the Coordinator scheduled and filmed a combined Choir/Jazz Band concert on November 29 for use in future projects. A concert in December was also scheduled for filming. A meeting was held with the grant director and the Dean of the VAPAC division to discuss the progression of the lab. Delivery of purchased equipment included a 4K camera, Wireless Microphone system, multiple video connectors, and a 2TB external hard drive. The facilities department changed the lock on the door of the closet used to store grant-funded equipment for greater security. The lab was also utilized by students in Fundamentals of Photography and Digital Video classes to shoot still photographs and short videos for editing.

  • December 2017 -  On the evening of December 15th the Multimedia Coordinator and a student worker set up multiple cameras on location in the Performing Arts Theater and recorded the LSC College and Symphonic Band concert for use as “b-roll” in a future video to promote the music department to local high schools. After preparing storyboards and shot lists the Multimedia Coordinator and a student worker met the Chair of Visual Communication on location at the LSC Truck Driving Academy and filmed for several hours. This footage will be edited to create a video to be used in instructing truck drivers in parallel parking a big rig. Two drones were also used in the filming. The Chair also met with Dr. Alex Wells to discuss editing a video to present the results of a survey of veterans taking EDUC 1300 classes at LSC.

Career Lab iMall

Features "ready to work" stations (computer, web camera, career software, etc.) where students can not only research and discover the career and education path that is right for them, but also practice interviewing, learn to perfect their resumes, and build soft-skills for 21st century workplace. Project Updates.

  • January 2017 - The Title V Program Director and Manager met with the Vice President of Student Services and the Manager of the Transfer Center to evaluate the space that is currently being used by the Transfer Center. It was determined that this space could be converted into a Career Lab by installing “ready to work” computer stations. The Office of Technology Services is estimating the number of workstations that can be installed in the space and minor construction may be needed to accommodate offices for the two part-time career advisors and two part-time transfer advisors.
  • February 2017 - A meeting was held on February 7, 2017 with the Office of Technology Services (OTS) and the Senior Director of Facilities to discuss the installation of the Career Lab in the CAST. Initially, there will be 10 workstations in the Center. Facilities will handle configuration of the room. One machine will be set up for web interviews in a more enclosed space. OTS and facilities will provide the initial hardware and tables needed for the first Career Lab. There was discussion about the use of notebook computers and a cart as there is a locked closet in the Center where notebooks could be stored when not in use.
  • March 2017 - The existing Transfer Center has been converted into a Career and Transfer Center to better serve students who are transitioning into a career or planning to transfer to a four-year university.
  • April 2017 - Renovation of the CAST Lab space was completed.  Purchase orders have been made for two additional desktops and a mobile cart with ten laptops for the CAST Lab.  AccuTrack was installed on the primary computers to track student traffic and career and transfer websites were uploaded to all computers in the CAST Lab.
  • May 2017 - There were 193 documented visits to the Transfer Center and CAST Lab during May. Orders for additional desktops as well as mobile cart and laptops in progress. Finally, staff are exploring purchase of Choices360 software to be utilized in the CAST Lab.
  • June 2017 - There have been 81 documented visits to the Transfer Center and CAST Lab through June 22, 2017.  Work order submitted for purchase of Choices360 software for the CAST Lab. Additional desktops as well as mobile cart and laptops are en route.  Three mobile computer stations will additionally be housed in the CAST Lab to expand service opportunities for students.
  • July 2017 - There have been 167 documented visits to the Transfer Center and CAST Lab in July 2017. The CAST Lab flyer and template have been finalized. Choices360 has been purchased and is now available for students’ use. Three thin clients/mobile computer stations and two additional desktops have been installed in the CAST Lab and we are awaiting the installment of additional network drops.
  • August 2017 - There were 127 documented visits to the Transfer Center and CAST Lab during August. The Office of Technology Services completed installation of additional network drops in the CAST Lab to accommodate additional computers.
    The CAST Lab hosted a resource table during the peak registration season in August whereby students were able to obtain literature on CAST Lab services as well as CAST Lab documents including such topics as resume development, job search strategies, and interview tips. The CAST Lab staff and Transfer Center Program Manager were able to speak to CAST Lab resources and provide some advising services to 1,716 students in the Student Services Building Registration Room during the peak registration season prior to campus closure due to Hurricane Harvey. The Career Advisors are in final preparations for our 10/4 Career Connections Fair. There are currently 19 anticipated companies/organizations expected to attend. In addition, there were two recruitment visits during the month. The Transfer Advisor and Transfer Center Program Manager are in final preparations for upcoming 17/FA transfer fairs.
  • September 2017 - There were 152 documented visits to the Transfer Center and CAST Lab during September.  The CAST Lab hosted a resource table during the end of peak registration season in September whereby students were able to obtain literature on CAST Lab services as well as CAST Lab documents including such topics as resume development, job search strategies, and interview tips.
  • October 2017 - There were 111 documented visits to the Transfer Center and CAST Lab during October. There were four recruitment table visits during October.  The order for CAST Lab signage is complete. An order for 10 additional notebooks has been submitted, as has an order for career/transfer fair yard signs. Order for color printer in the CAST Lab is forthcoming. The Transfer Center Program Manager submitted a proposal to the Campus Technology Advisory Council (C-TAC) on 10/27 in hopes of obtaining grant monies for the purchase of iPads, mobile storage/charging cart, and iAccu app to assist with the capturing and collection of student data at campus fairs/events.
  • November 2017 -  There were 178 documented visits to the Transfer Center and CAST Lab as well as three recruitment table visits during November.  The Transfer Center Program Manager and Career Advisors assisted in recruitment and retention efforts during a Spring 2018 Registration Bash on November 15-16. Planning for Spring 2018 career and transfer events has started.  Two new Part-Time Advisors (1 career, 1 transfer) were hired with a start date of November 6. New advisors completed mandatory trainings and have begun the onboarding process. The CAST Lab webpage has been updated to include contact information for the new advisors, as well as transfer updates. The AccuTrack system in CAST Lab has been updated to include new advisor names with designated service activities.
  • December 2017 -  There were 109 documented visits to the Transfer Center and CAST Lab during December. There were three recruitment table visits during December.
    All CAST Lab Advisors attended the Workforce 101: Workforce Advising for Advisors presentation the week of December 4. The Transfer Center Program Manager and two new part-time Advisors were provided tours of the Applied Technology and Construction & Skilled Trades Buildings (and its programs) by the Workforce Career Advisor on December 6. The new Career Advisor attended a Resume Workshop on December 7, and then an Interviewing Workshop on December 14, both hosted at Workforce Solutions, the Workforce Development Board Service Center. The following events have been confirmed: the Spring 2018 Career Connections Fair for February 8, a Prairie View A&M University Visit and Campus Tour for February 9, an International Student Transfer Fair for February 15, an evening Texas Bound Fair for February 20, and a Nursing Fair for February 28. Marketing, OTS, and Facilities requests have been submitted for all aforementioned events. Invitations for the March 8 University Day Fair have been sent and a Sam Houston State University Bearkat Preview Day has been confirmed for March 27.  
    Plan for recruitment efforts during the January peak registration season have been communicated, and preparations have been made. The CAST Lab will host a resource table in the Student Services Building Commons Area during the early weeks of January, as well as advertise and promote services in the Registration Room during the same timeframe.

Library 2.0 iMall

Provides a place where students and the community gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, build, explore, and teach one another. This initiative leverages technology to enhance teaching and learning outside of the classroom by providing access to emerging technologies to allow students to design, experiment, and create prototypes of their own creations. Project Updates.

  • January 2017 - The Library 2.0 iMALL provides a new way to learn in the library through hands-on discovery. It is an active learning place with equipment, emerging technology, and arts-and-craft supplies where students work together in small groups, observe and discuss others’ projects, offer one another encouragement and support, and write about their experiences. During the fall 2016 semester, 65 EDUC 1300 First-Year Experience students attended Makerspace courses with their professors. Makerspace is and creative space that allows students to create, design, experiment and create prototypes.  The success over completion rate for these students was 88.7% and success over enrollment 72.3% compared to 79.4% and 72.6% respectively for the control group. In addition, 20 students in ENGL 0306 Developmental Writing I participated in a Makerspace course. The success over completion for these students was 93.3% and the success over enrollment 70.0% compared to 68.2% and 54.8% respectively for the control group. Moreover, 1,397 students participated in 30 Makerspace workshops and 146 attended Smart Boards workshops. Some of the topics of the Makerspace workshops included Wood Burning, Glass Etching, 3D Printing and Scanning, Knitting, and Crocheting. Topics for the Smart Boards workshops consisted of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Resume Writing, How to Make Amazing Presentations, and Start Your Own Nonprofit. Of the students who answered the Perceptions Survey, 82% responded that their skills had improved as a result of the workshops.
  • April 2017 - The project lead has established vendors in iStar to purchase equipment for the iMall. During April, there were 6 iMall classes with 100 students attending and 9 Makerspace events with 190 participants. Topics included Make Mini Books, Library Game Day, Silhouette Studio and Cameo, and Virtual Reality. Moreover, 22 students attended Soft Skills Workshops on Resume and Job Search Skills, How to Start a Non Profit and Amazing Presentations.
  • May 2017 - LEGO Mindstorms were purchased with Title V funds. These materials are designed to support different learning styles and provide the basis for teaching STEM subjects and computer science in the 21st century classroom. LEGO Mindstorms enables students to build, program, and test their models using LEGO bricks and real-life robotics technology.The end of the semester saw students wrapping up projects in the Makerspace.  Students used the 3D Printer to complete assignments and finalized presentations in the One Button Studio.  The One Button Studio allows students to video presentations practice public speaking and practice interviewing.  Two EDUC 1300 classes experienced the Makerspace and learned to use the equipment. The students made videos of themselves in the One Button Studio sending messages of encouragement and perseverance to their “future” selves. The professor will send these videos to the students in the next semester designed to remind them of the experiences they had in the class and how the Makerspace can help them in their future academic success. The ninth grade librarians from one of the local high schools visited the Makerspace to learn about how the college uses it to engage students and integrate it into classes.  Moreover, LSC-North Harris librarians hosted a pop up Makerspace at the high school so students could get hands on experience with emerging technologies and connect with the Lone Star North Harris Library as a place to find Makerspace equipment, hands on workshops, and information to help them succeed now and in the future. During May, there were 6 scheduled appointments in the One Button Studio and 11 in the Makerspace. Forty-one students from two EDUC 1300 and a drafting course attended Makerspace classes. In addition, nine high school students attended the Pop-Up Makerspace event at MacArthur High School.
  • June 2017 Beginning in June, the Library initiated the Thursday Lunch Time Workshop series hosting a Makerspace Workshop every Thursday from 12:30 – 1:30 throughout the summer.  In June 32 students attended iMall classes and 34 students attended Makerspace activities.  They a
    lso hosted a Yoga Class that will be in for individual use for an assignment later this summer.  Several purchases for the Makerspace have been made that will increase the use of technology by students including a large format 3D printer, a desktop 3D printer, a 3D scanner, a laptop, and an Oculus Rift.
  • July 2017 - There were 240 visits to the Library 2.0 iMALL in July. Makerspace topics included All About Virtual Reality, Origami, and Wood Burning.
    The Pop Up Makerspace was showcased at the LSC-Greenspoint Center Open House, where Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, tried out several of the new technologies. In addition, librarians demonstrated how Virtual Reality can be used in education to the Next Generation Leadership Academy.  TRIO Educational Talent Search brought their Summer Leadership Academy to the Makerspace and the Choir Camp toured the space as well. Finally, there were two soft skills workshops on How to Start a Non Profit.  Equipment purchased with Title V funds included six modular tables that can be rearranged in different shapes for collaboration, a green screen and tool kit, and a GoPro camera.
  • August 2017 - There were 160 visits to the Library 2.0 iMALL in August. The Makerspace topic was Fun with Electronics.
    The Pop-Up Makerspace was showcased at the LSC-Victory Center Open House on August 1, 2017 with 58 attendees. Moreover, the TRIO Leadership Academy brought 25 students to the Makespace on August 8.  Twenty EDUC1300 students attended a Makerspace course with their professor. The success over completion rate for these students was 95% and success over enrollment 88% compared to 87% and 81% respectively for the control group. In addition, 17 students in ENGL 0306, the lowest level developmental writing course, participated in a Makerspace course. The success over completion for these students was 93% and the success over enrollment 70% compared to 69% and 56% respectively for the control group.
  • September 2017 - There were 380 visits to the Library 2.0 iMALL in September. The Makerspace topic was 3D Printing and Scanning – Make 3D Selfies! Moreover, students from Westfield High School and Nimitz High School visited the Pop Up Makerspace.
    GroupSpot events included Managing Student Debt Loan, How to Talk to Your Professor, How to Succeed as an Online Student, and a plagiarism lesson on Augmented Reality.
  • October 2017 -  There were 565 students attending Makerspace Workshops and 35 attending Smart Board Workshops in October. In addition to workshops at Lone Star college-North Harris, the Makerspace staff held “Pop Up” Workshops at the Victory and Greenspoint Centers. Smartboards were used, for example, for Cyber Security and Resume Workshops. Ten students utilized the One Button studio for video presentations, and seven students made Makerspace appointments to use the 3-D printer and Oculus Rift.
  • November 2017 - There were 233 students attending Library 2.0 iMall workshops in November including Fun with Robotics, Basic Video Editing, and Resume Writing and Job Search. The Makerspace librarians visited the juniors at Spring Early College Academy to teach information and digital literacy and hosted a Pop Up Makerspace to introduce them to the technology. A librarian visited with several classes on video making and editing and 33 Groups used the One Button Studio for class assignments. Fourteen students had appointments to use various technologies in the Makerspace. They primarily used the 3D printers for prototyping assignments but there was also use of Oculus, Wood Burning, and Glass Etching. Librarians taught nine classes for EDUC 1300 in the Makerspace, EDUC 1300 Honors in the One Button Studio, and hosted one class for a writing seminar in the GroupSpot.
  • December 2017 -   December was busy in the iMall even though students were only there a few weeks. Eleven groups finished video assignments in the One Button Studio. Although there were two appointments to use the 3D printer, it was very busy this month since students did not need to make appointments to use the various equipment in the space. Staff hosted four total workshops with 55 in attendance including four for Dungeons and Dragons Game day, two visits of 20 students each from Nimitz High School, and eleven participants for a crochet workshop at the LSC-Greenspoint Center

Hispanic Parent Academy

Ensures success in Hispanic students by educating parents on the importance of higher education; engages Hispanic students, families and the community to help feel at home in a college atmosphere; and reaches out to parents so that they may better help their child navigate the complex college process. Project Updates.

  • December 2016 - The program manager and project director met with the lead of the Parent Academy initiative on December 13, 2016. It was discussed that this activity is a promotional one and would greatly benefit if it were able to provide refreshments for the workshops. The program manager will research this possibility. The initiative lead will develop a job description for the part-time specialist position. It was noted that supplies could include portable tablets and software as there is an excellent online application that would be appropriate for this project.
  • January 2017 - The LSC-NH Title V Parent Academy also known as Mi Familia, Mi Futuro is a comprehensive 6-week training that focuses on providing insight to Hispanic families about the education system from high school to college. Families may include parents, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, children and any other extended member. Since for Hispanic families, the decision to attend college or the university is often a “family” decision it would be good to include all individuals that are part of the “family” to attend. All family members need to be aware and familiar with the concept of being a “student” to ensure support once a family member attends, whether it is for an English as a Second Language (ESL), GED, high school, college or university course. Representatives from Aldine Independent School District, Lone Star College, and Neighborhood Centers Inc. serve as the training facilitators. Training sessions include understanding school protocols, what resources are available to families, meeting school officials, increasing exposure and access to college, and most importantly, developing a positive attitude towards education. We bring workshops with themes relevant to all the adults and their children. Workshops that can be presented with both groups together will be done accordingly. All of these workshops may be conducted in Spanish if that is preferred by the participants.  The target market are Hispanic families, residing in the East Aldine community, with children attending 8th through 12th grade in a school within Aldine Independent School District. The desired outcomes of the Academy are to:
    • Educate parents by providing them with information around the importance of higher education and information about how to finish their own high school equivalency, search for jobs and access the College’s Career and Community Education classes, and more;
    • Engage Hispanic students and families at LSCH-NH and the community to help feel at home in a college atmosphere; and
    • Reach out to parents so that they may better help their child navigate the complex college process.

      The Curriculum has been developed and consists of two sets of topics – student and parent:


      Session 1: Academy Kick-Off / Goal-setting
      Session 2: Advanced Academics
      Session 3: Researching colleges
      * Campus Tour: Lone Star College
      Session 4: How to pay for college
      Session 5: Building Basic College Readiness Skills
      Session 6: I’m Accepted – Now What? / Degrees, Workforce Programs & Certificates
      * Campus Tour: University of Houston-Downtown
      Session 7:  Post-High School Life Skills
      Session 8: Closing Ceremony
      Session 1: Academy Kick-Off / Requirements for graduation (new HB5 standards explained)
      Session 2: Options for YOU!
      Session 3: Advanced Academics
      Session 4: Researching colleges
      * Campus Tour: Lone Star College
      Session 5: How to pay for college
      Session 6: Resources in the Community
      Session 7: Who to talk to when you need help
      * Campus Tour: University of Houston-Downtown
      Session 8: Closing Ceremony
  • March 2017 - The Parent Academy hosted a training on the college admissions and financial aid processes on March 30, 2017 for eight high school seniors at the Buckner Family Hope Center.  The program is collaborating with BakerRipley and Aldine ISD to host a High School Empowerment Fair on April 6, 2017 to cover a variety of topics such as teen engagement, leadership, and college and career preparation. Students participating will be tenth to twelfth graders at MacArthur High School who are on a Career and Technical Education track. A flyer is being developed and information about the Parent Academy will be disseminated at this event.  Additional sessions for the Parent Academy are being scheduled this summer in collaboration with BakerRipley and Communities in Schools (CIS). CIS will focus on the social aspects of parenting and will have activities for children while parents are attending the Parent Academy.  CIS will provide food for the workshops while the grant will fund programmatic needs such as print material and software. The part-time coordinator’s position has been posted and currently there were 14 applicants. Interviews were scheduled the week of April 10 with the intent of hiring the position by the end of April. 
  • May 2017 - Interviews for the part-time Hispanic Parent Academy coordinator took place during the first week of May with two candidates selected as finalists for the position. After completing a second round of interviews, Idalia Rodriguez was selected and will begin working for the grant on May 30. Idalia brings with her a wealth of non-profit experience within the surrounding community. She is a strong proponent for reaching and impacting the Hispanic communities, has experience in counseling (conducting therapy sessions; is a licensed drug counselor), and is qualified to develop effective marketing/outreach strategies to efficiently promote the Parent Academy within the community.    On March 28, 2017, the project lead met with students and parents at Buckner Family Hope Center, a non-profit organization that provides critical services to strengthen families and helps them find support through family coaching, education, financial empowerment, and youth development. This meeting served as a focus group for the Parent Academy to ensure that program curriculum is aligned with the needs of the community. On May 23, 2017, an additional meeting was held to discuss the possibility of using the Center as a site for the academy and how collaboration with the agency can maximize resources for families.  The first official session/informational for the Parent Academy will take place on July 12, 2017 at 11 a.m. at the Buckner Family Hope Center to be followed up by a three to four week series providing information on the importance of higher education.  The session will include parents as well as high school age students who are currently attending activities at the center, but will be open to the community at large.  Information will be provided on how to apply to college, how to access financial aid, available support services and other opportunities such as ESOL classes at the college for both parents and students.  Materials will be available in both English and Spanish.  Communities in Schools, a campus-based, nonprofit organization providing direct services and resources to under-served children with unmet needs, will also serve as a partner in the Parent Academy. Their role will be to provide refreshments and assist with program activities for small children as childcare is often an issue preventing families from participating.
  • June 2017 – The Parent Academy coordinator contacted the faculty advisor of the Latin American Student Organization (L.A.S.O.), who agreed to speak in collaboration with the Parent Academy on July 12, 2017 at Buckner Family Hope Center.  The coordinator has contacted Santa Maria Hostel community outreach program and they are willing to give a short ten to twenty-minute presentation on what services they are offering the community.  Communities in Schools is also contributing to the workshop with a description of the services they offer for our Lone Star College-North Harris students.
    The coordinator has developed and compiled a list of PowerPoint presentations to educate parents by providing them with information on higher education and information about how to finish their own high school equivalency, search for jobs, and access the College’s Career and Community environment. In addition, she has created and gathered worksheets of resources to reach out to parents so that they may better help their child navigate through the complicated multipart college process. The focus is on higher education including information on scholarships, degree options, student resources, and support from non-profit agencies.
    The first official session for the Parent Academy will take place on July 12, 2017 at 11 a.m. at the Buckner Family Hope Center to be followed by a three to four week series providing information on the importance of higher education.  The session will include parents as well as high school age students who are currently attending activities at the center, but will be open to the community at large.  Information will be provided on how to apply to college, how to access financial aid, available support services and other opportunities such as ESOL classes at the college for both parents and students.  Materials will be available in both English and Spanish. 
  • July 2017 - The Parent Academy coordinator conducted a workshop on July 12, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. - 1: p.m. at the Buckner Family Hope Center. The dean of the Lone Star College-North Harris Centers opened the event followed by the weekend and evening manager. The focus of the workshop was on engaging the community and Hispanic families to feel comfortable in a college atmosphere. The coordinator provided parents with information regarding financial aid, degree options and ESL/GED programs as well as a list of resources that are available to the East Aldine community. Questions or stigmas that were associated with FAFSA were addressed and the process clarified.
    A pre and posttest were administered to the 12 participants not including adolescents that were present. After the session, the posttest demonstrated significant improvement of an 85% increased knowledge of the college process.
    The LSC-North Harris faculty sponsor of the Latin American Student Organization (L.A.S.O.) gave a motivating talk about promoting higher education. He engaged the community in learning more on how to navigate a system that might seem complicated in the beginning but highly encouraged them to always strive for greater growth. Finally, the representative from the Santa Maria Hostel informed the attendees about different services they are able to provide to our community.
    The Parent Academy has contacted Horizon Eagle Program to plan a workshop for the end of August or Early September. The Horizon Eagle Program is a non-profit organization that offers comprehensive care for parents from start to finish. Their mission is to provide services that stabilize the family unit through healthy relationships and training.  The Parent Academy also participated in an Open House at the Greenspoint Center on July 27th from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. where flyers and information were given to students about the Academy. The coordinator was able to gather tentative community member’s information for future workshops.
  • August 2017 - The Title V project director and the program manager met with the coordinator of the Hispanic Parent Academy and the director of Horizon Outreach to discuss a possible collaboration. Horizon Outreach is a non-profit organization providing services that stabilize the family unit through healthy relationships, education, and job readiness training.  Discussion centered round offering a workshop at LSC-Greenspoint Center to educate fathers regarding opportunities available for a postsecondary education. Topics will include researching careers, paying for college, and using college resources. The workshop will coincide with Horizon Outreach’s Job Readiness program with the Hispanic Parent’s Academy providing the curriculum and presenters for the event, which will be scheduled for the fall semester.
  • September 2017 - The Hispanic Parent Academy coordinator was invited to Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington D.C. paid by a scholarship from the World Institute of Disabilities. On Tuesday Sept 12, 2017, the coordinator participated with the Latino Leaders Summit Series:
    1. Putting the Student First: Best Practices in Higher Education Attainment and Student Debt
    2. The U.S Census and Redistricting: The Impact on Student Populations
    3. Managing Mental Health in Today’s Workforce: Designing Healthy Habits for Career Success
    4. Increasing College Degree and Certificate Attainment: Ms. Rodriguez was able to talk about what LSC-Title V Initiatives have done to make how our community fundamentally rethinks the way higher education is delivered more effectively through individual members and their unique needs. Mr. Candelario Cervantez- National Senior Manager Director for Teach for America and James Douglas Dean of the Thurgood Marshall School of Law from Texas Southern University were the panelists during the meeting.
    Due to hurricane Harvey, most of the non-profit organizations this project works with were tied up with hurricane relief. However, a National Night Out Event meeting to Promote Parent Academy was held on September 29, 2017. Plans include working with Bonding Against Diversity to collaborate on a workshop and Horizon Outreach will host a Parent Academy workshop after helping Harvey victims.
  • October 2017 - The Title V Parent Academy coordinator presented information on the Parent Academy and the different avenues that a student can initiate towards a successful alternative transition at the Houston Center for Independent Living Conference. The coordinator talked about on-line education if transportation or challenges occur during transitional academic paths. She presented on financial aid, explained the process of enrolling, and informed students about the different career choices that are available for all types of learning styles. She explained the various levels of programs available at Lone Star College. Community members were given information on upcoming FAFSA workshops, and brochures of different Programs of Study and Continuing Education offerings were provided. GED and ESL options were explained to the members. The community was invited to visit a Lone Star College campus for further information.  Information on the Parent Academy was also provided at the Community Night Out and Aldine YMCA Fall Festivals where parents and students were invited to attend our future workshops. Parent Academy representatives met with a representative of the North Harris County Education Alliance. They will be collaborating in providing Parent Academy workshops for Parents (English/Spanish) and students who are graduating from High School.
  • November 2017 - On November 3, 2017, Parent Academy navigator attended North Harris CAT-5 Preview to promote the Parent Academy and the different pathways that students can take for a successful transition from High School to community college. Over 505 prospective high school students were invited to explore the Lone Star Experience. Greenspoint Center staff was invited, as well as Parent Academy representatives to promote various programs.
    Two workshop were hosted on November 7, 2017 at Greenspoint Center and another on November 15, 2017 at Aldine Family Hope Center. On November 15, 2017, the Parent Academy invited a non-profit organization, H.O.P.E. Haven, which is focused on helping the homeless community, to discuss services that would benefit our community such as transportation, temporary shelters, aid in procuring identification, and life skills training. The Parent Navigator presented a PowerPoint presentation about how to navigate the college process and the different options Lone Star College offers for all types of workforce related needs. A pre-assessment and post assessment was done to test member’s knowledge of the educational process. Members showed a 73% improvement in the pre-and post-testing after the presentation. The attendees were invited to visit a Lone Star College campus for further information on educational services. All information was presented in Spanish and English. On November 7, 2017, the Parent Academy was invited to participate in a job-training panel. The panel provided an opportunity for the Parent Navigator and other participants to share pathways towards academic goals. The Parent navigator provided contact information for obtaining FAFSA, Scholarships, Lone Star College enrollment information, and guidance on how to begin the process. General information about GED and ESL classes was also provided to attendees.
    On November 27, 2017, Parent Academy representatives met with the Transition Coordinator at Klein ISD to provide information on Title V initiatives and the Parent Academy. Klein Independent District is one of the four service areas for Lone Star College-North Harris. The Transition Coordinator provided information of their L.I.F.E. Readiness Community-Based Programs. L.I.F.E. is a community-based program that utilizes the community’s natural environmental supports to facilitate young adult student’s transition to adult life and assists in the college experience of the adult student.
    Upcoming Events:
    • LSC-Greenspoint will attend a community event with Communities in School at MacArthur High School.
    • Pine Trace Parent Academy on December 6, 2017 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
    • Pine Trace Parent Academy on December 13, 2017 from 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
  • December 2017 - On December 1, 2017, Communities in Schools hosted a Parent Academy at Mac Arthur High School for 19 pregnant teenagers. The Parent Academy navigator spoke to the girls about higher education opportunities. Topics included information on utilizing the FASFA and TASFA, scholarship opportunities and how to develop a relationship with the Financial Aid department, as well as the importance of enrolling early and providing the necessary documentation. The Parent Navigator provided information on various degree programs and fast track courses that are available through Lone Star College.  The 400 Voices program approached Parent Academy to collaborate on enhancing the potential that low-income Hispanics have and providing effective solutions to mitigate the risk factors that may affect them including: English proficiency, parental engagement, educational attainment, civic engagement, quality care, and economic growth. Parent Academy will meet with 400 Voices in January to discuss “Camino a la Universidad” Pathway to Education, and ways to help students and families meet the educational goals. The Horizon Outreach program will collaborate on providing a concurrent Parent Academy session.