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IE Success Stories

IE Success Stories (AY 2015-16)

During the academic year 2015-16, Lone Star Colleges across the system implemented numerous initiatives to support LSC strategic goals and to promote student success and community success. This volume of IE Success Stories features five divisions/departments from each LSC campus. Selection of these stories is based on the following criteria:

  • The divisions’ or departments’ Unit Objectives focus on innovative projects that impact student learning, student success, or community success;
  • They set specific targets, reported on specific data, and took action based on the data;
  • They are representative of a variety of functional areas.

Read stories from each of the Lone Star Colleges below:


The headlines:

  • Division of Public Service, Health, and Behavioral Sciences: Developing Dual Credit Pathways for High School Students
  • Physics Department: Supporting Students Beyond the Classroom
  • Speech and Communication: Helping Students Apply Learning Through a Public Speech Contest
  • Advising Department: Assisting Students with Developing Semester-by-Semester Degree Plans
  • Library: Helping Community Members Obtain Library Cards

The Detailed Stories (Click on the Link Below):

       LSC-CyFair Success Stories


The headlines:

  • Fire Science Department: Engaging Students in Campus and Community Events
  • Division of Science & Health Occupations (SHO): Promoting Heath Occupations and Science Programs
  • Biology Department: Increase Course Completion with Support from Supplemental Instruction
  • Government Department: Promoting Civic Engagement Activities
  • LSC-Atascocita Center: Supporting Students Based on their Needs

The Detailed Stories (Click on the Link Below):

       LSC-Kingwood Success Stories


The headlines:

  • Division of Behavioral Sciences, English, Languages & Speech: Increasing Course Completion and Success
  • Land Surveying Department: Helping Students Succeed through Partnerships
  • Division of Natural Sciences & Health Professions: Engaging students in Deep Learning Activities
  • LSC-Conroe Center: Increasing Class Density by Making Data Informed Decisions.
  • Advising Department: Providing Consistent Advising by Making Data Informed Decisions

 The Detailed Stories (Click on the Link Below):

       LSC-Montgomery Success Stories

LSC-North Harris

The headlines:

  • Math Department: Hosting Math Summit for LSC Service Area ISDs and 4-Year Institutions
  • Medical Assisting Department: Promoting Critical Thinking Skills by Using Real Life Scenarios
  • Department of English: Strengthening Communication with the Dual Credit Partners
  • Visual Communication Program: Increasing Course Success Rates by Redesigning Coursework to Address Different Learning Styles
  • Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences: Implementing the “Growth Mindset” into EDUC 1300 Curriculum and Instructional Delivery

The Detailed Stories (Click on the Link Below):

       LSC-North Harris Success Stories


The headlines:

  • Office of the President: Instilling “GRIT” to Improve Student Success
  • Division of Arts, Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences: Hosting Community Engagement Events to Increase Partnerships with TC ISDs and the Community
  • Department of Economics: Engaging Faculty in Collaborative Efforts to Enhance Student Learning
  • Nursing Program: Increasing Students’ Persistence from One Level to the Next by Implementing Student Support Initiatives
  • Library: Promoting Common Book Read by Collaborating with Academic Departments.

The Detailed Stories (Click on the Link Below):

       LSC-Tomball Success Stories

LSC-University Park

The headlines:

  • Office of the President: Doubling the Number of Degrees and Certificates Awarded
  • Division of Math and Sciences: Creating a Science Hotspot to Assist Students and Promote Faculty Collaboration
  • Division of Business, Engineering, and Technology: Increasing Course Success Rate by Promoting Learning-Centered Pedagogy and Using Open Labs.
  • Division of Liberal Arts: Increasing Course Success Rate by Promoting Active Learning Strategies
  • Office of Admissions and Outreach: Increasing Hispanic Students’ Enrollment

The Detailed Stories (Click on the Link Below):

       LSC-University Park Success Stories


IE Success Stories (Past Years)

1.      VC of Academic Affairs: Supporting The Development Of The New Core Curriculum

2.      VC of Academic Affairs: Supporting At-Risk Students In An Online Learning Environment

3.      VC of Student Success: Implementing A System-Wide Assessment Plan for the Student Success Course

4.      VC of Student Success:  Increasing Student Knowledge of Financial Aid Sap Appeal Process

5.      VC of Administration And Finance: Expanding And Improving the P-Card Program

6.      VC of Administration And Finance: Strengthening Security Measures Across the System

7.      VC of External Affairs: Increase Earned Media Coverage for LSCS

8.      VC of External Affairs: Growing Small Businesses and Investing Capital into Local Economy

9.      Senior VC of Operations: Success in Improving the Process for Developing Workforce Programs

10.    Senior VC of Operations: Strengthening Interpersonal Communication

11.    CIO: Ensuring LSCS’s Infrastructure Meets the Current and Future Needs

12.    CIO: Improving Internal Project Management and Communication

13.    LSC-Cyfair: Maintaining Faculty-Driven Academic Assessment Process

14.    LSC-CyFair: Using SLO Data to Improve Student Learning

15.    LSC-Kingwood: Promoting Energy Savings

16.    LSC-Kingwood: Improving Student Success in Developmental Education

17.    LSC-Montgomery: Implementing the Early Registration Initiative

18.    LSC-Montgomery: Promoting Persistence for Developmental Students

19.    LSC-North Harris: Promoting Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

20.    LSC-North Harris: Using Program Review Data for Program Improvement

21.    LSC-Victory Center: Increasing Student Enrollment and Success at LSC-Victory Center

22.    LSC-Tomball: Implementing Instiutional Effectiveness Processes with New System Guidelines

23.    LSC-Tomball: Giving Back to the Communities

24.    LSC-University Park: Prioritizing and Funding the "Invitation-to-Innovate" Initiative

25.    LSC-University Park: Increasing Student Enrollment and Course Success

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