Consulting Services

The primary objective of our training course design and development consulting services is to design and develop content that meets the job needs of your employees in a training environment!

Lone Star Corporate College’s experience as a corporate training company have allowed us to develop the best designs and processes for virtually any training and development project. Our solutions are as varied as our client’s needs.

We Offer

  • Training Design

    Our approach integrates proven training methods with adult learning principles to design training programs and assets that build concrete results. We collaborate with our clients to design training programs that meet the needs of their organization and end users.

  • Training Development

    We work with our clients to develop the right combination of pre-work, instructor-led, web-based, and practice exercises to ensure the availability and usability of training at every location. Our training creates an environment in which people learn how to use new processes and systems to do their jobs.

  • Learning Assessment

    Our learning assessments are custom-made to shed light on the skill gap needs, employee performance and areas for improvement. We collaborate with the client to develop evaluation strategies and tools that measure the real success of the training program - the learners' ability to achieve production objectives.

  • Training Delivery

    Our training approach has supported hundreds of employees and complex schedules across multiple locations. Training is delivered using a just-in-time approach that enables individuals to learn skills close to the time when they will be needed. Role-based modules provide learners with the information that they need and balances their training time with their job requirements.

  • Training Program Effectiveness

    Our deep learning experience makes us a valuable partner in evaluating existing training programs. Whether you need to update your current program or would just like an independent, expert opinion, we will work quickly to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and risks associated with your training and identify practical opportunities for improvement. A direct relationship with industry to create specialized training.

  • Training provided at your location or at an LSC campus.

Plus, the Flexibility to Provide

  • Industry licensure/certifications
  • Lone Star College certifications
  • Hands-on training in high-demand areas
  • Training provided at your location or at an LSC campus

Learn how Lone Star Corporate College can help develop & train your company's talent. Our ultimate goal is to empower your employees with best in-class learning and leadership solutions.

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