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Honors Abstract Submission

Honors Scholarships
Any student in the Honors College carrying a minimum of 6 college credit hours with at least a 3.5 GPA, who has completed at least 12 hours of college credit classes and is actively participating in an Honors contract or section, is eligible for the Honors College scholarship. These merit scholarships are awarded to the top students who apply, based on their GPAs. The scholarship may be used for payment of Lone Star College-North Harris tuition, books, fees, or related educational expenses for the following semester. Granting of this scholarship is contingent upon successful completion of the contract or class in the semester in which you apply.

The Honors College scholarship is renewable for a maximum of three semesters until graduation. The student must reapply for the scholarship each semester, carry at least 6 hours of college credit, and continue to take Honors contracts and/or sections. If the student fails to satisfy these conditions, he or she will not receive the scholarship for the following semester.

Student Forms

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